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SOP for Guidelines for Working in Microbiology Laboratory

Standard operating procedure to provide the guidelines of system and working in microbiology laboratiory


To lay down a procedure for the guidelines for Microbiology laboratory.


This SOP shall be applicable for Microbiology laboratory.




Head QA & QC


5.1 Personnel must not wear cosmetics, nail polish or jewelry.
5.2 Before entering the laboratory all people should wear a cap, apron and slippers provided.
5.3 Mask and gloves are necessary for working under LAF bench.
5.4 Entry in microbiology section should be restricted and only authorized personnel shall allow minimizing the microbial load.
5.5 Movement in the microbiology laboratory should be rhythmic and head snatching, rubbing hands, face or parts of the body must be consciously avoided.
5.6 The person with the physical illness, like stomach or respiratory disorders, should not enter the laboratory. If the analyst is suffering from any illness it must be reported to In-charge.
5.7 All the doors of respective areas of the laboratory should keep in closed condition and Approved SOP shall be followed for the handling of micro equipment. The analyst should not open doors of incubator rooms frequently to avoid contamination.
5.8 Cleaning of the laboratory should be done before work starts and at the end of the day. Laboratory area or equipment should not clean while work is going on in that area.
5.9 All aseptic testing should be done under Grade A (i.e. Under L.A.F.) and during aseptic work; hands should be sanitized by filtered 70% isopropyl alcohol at whenever necessary.
All waste materials must be timely and properly removed at the end of each workday from LAF.
5.10 All sterilized materials should be stored in cool, dry place under laminar units or under the area having terminal HEPA filters.
5.11 Before starting and after completion of microbiological work, wash and sanitize the hands up to forearm with medicated soap and disinfectant solution.
5.12 The used disposable caps mask and gloves should be autoclaved in the autoclavable bag and then dispose of.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QC: Quality Control
LAF: Laminar Air Flow
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