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SOP for Count Down Timer

Standard operating procedure of Count Down Timer used in calibration of different instruments.


       To lay down the procedure for the operation of Count Down Timer.

2.0  SCOPE

       It is applicable to Microbiology laboratory.




       Head of Department


5.1  Checks before starting of instrument

5.1.1  Check the calibration status before using the instrument.
5.1.2  Check the cleaning status of the instrument.

5.2  Operation

5.2.1  Press button “ Hour/Min” to set Hour /minute/Function.
5.2.2  Press button “Min/Sec” to set Minute/Second function.
5.2.3  Press button “Start/Stop” to start counting down.
5.2.4  To temporarily stop timing cycle, press button “Start/Stop”.
5.2.5  Press button “ Hour/Min” and “Minute/Sec” at the same time to clear the digit and reset the Hour/Min and Minute/Sec.
5.3  The minimum time set is for one minute.
5.4  When set time is up, the alarm will sound.
5.5  Press any button to stop alarm sound, other wise the sound will automatically stop with in 30 sec.


6.1  SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2  Min – Minute
6.3  Sec – Second

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