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Bursting Strength Tester

Learn how to analyze the sample with Bursting Strength Tester.


To provide a procedure for the operation of Bursting Strength Tester.


Applicable to the Bursting Strength Tester in Quality Control Department.




1. Ensure that the connection of electric supply is properly connected.
2. Switch `ON' mains. This will bring the plunger to its starting position (please note that if the plunger is already at its starting position, the motor will not start on switching `ON' mains).
3. Raise the wheel by rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction and fit it into diaphragm by rotating it in the clockwise direction.
4. Cut the piece of the representative sample in a size, in such a way that it should be properly fitted between the diaphragm and wheel.
5. Set the red pointer of the gauge at `zero' position before bursting the representative sample.
6. Press the red switch till the representative sample burst. After releasing the pressure over the red switch the plunger will retain its original place.
7. Note down the bursting pressure [strength] indicated by the red pointer on the gauge.
8. Rearrange the red pointer by rotating the knob provided on the dial of pressure gauge at its original place to see the bursting strength of other representative sample.
Also see: SOP for Calibration of Bursting Strength Tester

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