Identification of Environmental Flora : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

Identification of Environmental Flora

Learn how to identify the microorganisms present in production environment.

1.0  Equipments Required


2.0  Material Required

       Cover slip
       Immersion oil
       Gram stain Kit

3.0  Utilities Required


4.0  Procedure

4.1  Cultural Characteristics:

4.1.1  Select the unknown culture plate (microbial flora observed in sterile area environment).
4.1.2  Examine the plate for Colony characteristic as per Table - I and record the characteristic.
Table-I Colony Characteristics
Colony Characteristics

4.2 Gram Staining

4.2.1 Prepare a thin smear of microbial culture observed in sterile environment, dry in air and fix by gentle heat.
4.2.2  Hold the slide in slide rack near to ss tray and flood with Gram’s Crystal Violet (HiMedia S012) for 1 minute.
4.2.3  Wash with water and flood with Gram’s Iodine (HiMedia S013) for 1 minute.
4.2.4  Wash with water and decolourize with Gram’s Decolorizer (S032) until no further violet colour comes off.
4.2.5  Wash with water and counterstained with 0.5% safranin (HiMedia S027) for about 1 minute.
4.2.6  Wash with water, dry and observe under oil immersion objective.
4.2.7  Those bacteria that appear purple or violet color are referred as Gram Positive; those appearing pink color are described Gram Negative.

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Table-II Morphological Characteristic
Morphological Characteristic
4.2.8  After observing morphological characteristics record the observation.

5.0  Precaution

5.1  All preparation should be carried out under LAF of Microbiology room.
5.2  Use nose mask and hand gloves while working with microbial cultures.
5.3  After completion of work wash your hand with disinfectant solution.

6.0  Frequencies

       Daily or as soon as colony observed in sterile area environment.

7.0  Abbreviation

       LAF : Laminar Air Flow
       LPG : Liquid Petrolium Gas

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