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SOP for Water Bath

Standard operating procedure of water bath used for heating in Quality Control.


       To describe the procedure for Operation and calibration of water bath.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for Operation and calibration of water bath.


       Officer/ Executive - Quality Control


       Manager - Quality Control


5.1  Operation

5.1.1  Ensure that the instrument is clean and calibration of temperature indicator is within due date of calibration.
5.1.2  Fill and check the water level, if required fill purified water to the acceptance level. The minimum water level is indicated by a black line on the water level indicator on left.
5.1.3  Switch “ON” the ring both by pressing “ON/OFF” switch.
5.1.4  The digital temperature controller cum indicator will indicate the actual temperature of water.
5.1.5  Set the desired temperature by pressing the PRESS to SET switch and adjusting the SET pot.
5.1.6  Approximately 1ºC before the set temperature, the heater will start going on and off Heater action is indicated by the LED on the DTC. Allow a few minute for the temperature to stabilize.
5.1.7  If the indicated temperature is less than desired, turn the fine tuning pot on the DTC clockwise or vice versa.

5.2  Precautions

5.2.1  Do not operate without water.
5.2.2  Switch OFF when instrument is not in use
5.3  Calibration
5.3.1  Calibration after three month.
5.3.2  Set the desired temperature against standard thermometer at 37 ºC, 50 ºC and 90 ºC.
Standard value (in ºC )
Set value (in ºC )
37 ºC

± 0.5ºC

50 ºC

± 0.2ºC

90 ºC

± 1.0ºC

5.3.4  After completing the calibration make entry in the calibration record of water bath.


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  ºC - Degree centigrade
6.3  DTC - Digital temperature controller

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