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SOP for Operation of Mini Roll Compactor

Standard operating procedure to operate the Mini Roll Compactor.


       To lay down the procedure for operation of mini roll compactor.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for operation (start and stop) of Mini Roll Compactor in Manufacturing Area in Production Department.


3.1  Execution              : Operator
3.2  Checking               : Production Pharmacist & Above


       HOD-Production / Assigned Designee


5.1  To start the machine

5.1.1  Production person shall ensure the cleanliness of the machine, its part & area and ‘CLEANED’ label on it and before starting the operation production person get line clearance from Q.A. person by writing status label with Product Name, Batch details to Equipment and Area as per BMR.
5.1.2  Turn the release valve, clockwise to close.
5.1.3  Open Roll Pressure Valve.
5.1.4  Set Hydraulic Pressure through Hand Operated hydraulic pump.
5.1.5  Start water circulation through rolls and hopper if required.
5.1.6  Push the green button to start Roll (Main) motor.
5.1.7  Run machine in no load condition for short time.
5.1.8  Push the green button to start feed screw motor.
5.1.9  Set feed screw speed by speed regulator.

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5.2  To stop the machine

5.2.1  Stop feed screw motor push the red button.
5.2.2  Run machine for short time.
5.2.3  Stop roll (main) motor push the red button.
5.2.4  Release hydraulic pressure through release valve.
5.2.5  Stop water circulation after few minutes.
5.3  After completing of operation affix the “To be cleaned” status label and fill the “Equipment Log Book”


6.1  SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  BMR: Batch Manufacturing Record
6.3  Q.A.: Quality Assurance
6.4  HOD: Head of The Department

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