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SOP for Storage and Use of Reagents & Chemicals

Standard operating procedure to store and use of Reagents and Chemicals in Quality Control.


       To monitor storage and use of reagents & chemicals in quality control

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable for all chemical and reagents received in quality control.


3.1  Doing       Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking :  Executive/ Manager


       Head of the Department


5.1  Label all reagents/chemicals received with date of receipt and exp. date.
5.2  Mention shelf life of all reagents/chemicals for 5 years for sealed condition of container.
5.3  At the time of opening of bottle label all reagents/chemicals with the date of opening & use before.
5.4  Mention shelf life of all reagents/chemicals for 2 years from the date of opening the container
5.5  Record the above dates on a separate label affixed on the container in such a way that it does not obscure the manufacturer’s label.
5.6  Store the reagents & chemicals at appropriate temperature & condition indicated on the container.
5.7  Destroy the reagents/chemicals after expiry date as per SOP.
5.8  Store poisonous chemicals separately taking all safety precaution as per their Material Safety Data Sheet. (M.S.D.S)


6.1  EXP  = Expiry
6.2  MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheet.

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