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Determination of Peroxide Value

Learn how to determine the Peroxide Value in Pharmaceutical substance.
The peroxide value is the number of milliequivalents of active oxygen that expresses the amount of peroxide contained in 1000 g of the substance.


Unless otherwise specified in the individual monograph, weigh accurately about 5 g of the substance under examination, transfer to a 250-ml glass-stoppered conical flask, add 30 ml of a mixture of 3 volumes of glacial acetic acid and 2 volumes of chloroform, swirl until dissolved and add 0.5 ml of saturated potassium iodide solution. Allow to stand for exactly 1 minute, with occasional shaking, add 30 mI of water and titrate gradually, with continuous and vigorous shaking, with 0.01 M sodium thiosulphate until the yellow colour almost disappears. Add 0.5 ml of starch solution and continue the titration, shaking vigorously until the blue color just disappears (a ml). Carry out a blank titration omitting the substance under examination (b ml). The volume of 0.01 M sodium thiosulphate in the blank determination must not exceed 0.1 ml.
Calculate the peroxide value from the expressionPeroxide value = 10 (a - b)/w
Where, w = weight of the substance in g.

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