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Modified Release Coatings in Pharmaceuticals

Learn about Modified Release Coating, Enteric and Controlled / Sustained Released Coating of tablets.

Modified Release Tablet Coatings:

•  Preparations which have been designed in such a way that the rate or place at which the active pharmaceutical ingredients are released has been modified (BP).
•  Coating can be applied directly to the tablet or indirectly by coating small pellets before compression.

Enteric Coating:

•  Enteric coating uses materials with solubility profiles dependent upon.
Enteric Coating•  Reasons for Enteric coating:
–  to protect the tablet from the acidity of the stomach.
–  to protect the stomach from an irritant effect of some drugs e.g. Aspirin.
–  to specifically target drug absorption in the GI Tract “downstream” of the stomach.
•  Enteric Sugar coating.
–  the sealant includes an enteric polymer, other steps remain the same
•  Enteric Film Coating.
–  an enteric polymer is incorporated into the suspension.
Controlled / Sustained Coating–  weight of suspension applied is more critical (and greater) than standard film coating.
•  Enteric polymers include cellulose acetate phthalate, polyvinyl acetate phthalate and acrylates.

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Controlled / Sustained

•  Coating includes specialist materials which are insoluble but allow water to enter and the drug in solution to diffuse out.
•  Designed to give uniform and sustained drug release at a rate determined directly by the coating thickness.
•  Examples are modified ethylcelluloses.

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