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SOP for Cleaning of Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Standard operating procedure to clean the halogen moisture analyzer.


       To clearly lay down the procedure for cleaning.

2.0  SCOPE

       This procedure is applicable to Halogen Moisture Analyzer, installed in quality controlled laboratory.


3.1  Doing      :  Technical Assistant
3.2  Checking :  Executive/ Manager


       Head of the Department


       FRQUENCY  : After each use of the instrument.
5.1  After completion of determination of loss of moisture, take out the sample pan holder from the automatic sample chamber.
5.2  Ensure that sample pan is cool. 
5.3  Take out the sample pan filled with granules/powder/crushed tablets from the sample pan holder.
5.4  Discard the sample material in dustbin.
5.5  Clean the empty sample pan with clean lint free dry cloth.
5.6  Clean the sample pan holder and automatic sample chamber with clean lint free dry cloth.
5.7  Ensure that it visually clean.
5.8  Put sample pan in holder and place it in automatic sample chamber.
5.9  Close the automatic sample chamber by pressing ‘b’ key.
5.10  Press the ‘ON/OFF’ key to switch off the instrument.
5.11  Clean the external surface of the instrument with clean lint free dry cloth.

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6.1  SOP  : Standard Operating Procedure

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