Purified Water System Validation : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

Purified Water System Validation

Commissioning, qualification, first, second and third phases of validation, their documentation and sampling schedule in purified water system validation.
Water system validation (generation and distribution) should contain three phases: Phase I: investigation phase; Phase II: short-term control; and Phase III: long-term control.
Water System QualificationThe objective of pharmaceutical water system validation during these three phases should demonstrate that water system is under control and producing the specified quality of water over a long time period.

Commissioning of purified water system

Proper documentation of commissioning is an essential part of successful validation of pharmaceutical water system. Commissioning includes the startup of water system with documenting the performance of all system parameters.


Purified water, water for pharmaceutical use, water for injection systems can directly affect quality of our pharmaceutical products. Hence, it should be validated. Before starting the validation, water system qualification should be completed i.e. design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ).

Phase I: 

Water sampling and testing should be done for 2 to 4 weeks to monitor the water system. During this phase water system should operate continuously without failure. Following things should be considered during this phase.
•  Sampling and testing of the raw water i.e. feed water should be done to monitor its quality.
•  Sampling after each step should be done daily.
•  Chemical and microbiological testing should be done as per the approved specification.
•  Operating, cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance procedures should be finalized during this phase.
•  Ensure the production of required quantity of water.
•  Alert and action limits should be verified after this phase.

Phase II: 

A 2 to 4 week testing should be done again in phase II to monitor the water system intensively. Sampling frequency shall remain as per the previous phase. Water can be use for manufacturing during this phase of water validation.
Demonstration should be done that the water system is producing the required quality and quantity of water while operated according to the relevant SOP.

Phase III: 

After the successful completion of phase II, phase III runs for one year. We can use water for manufacturing during this phase.
•  Frequency of sampling and testing should be reduced in this phase after successful completion of phase I&II.
•  Seasonal variations are observed in this phase of validation i.e. seasonal trending shall be done.

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  1. on which time we can conduct the hold time study of water in our water system?? if their is any power failure or any other incidents, how we can conduct the hold time study?? IS it before or after of water system validation?? can you suggest guideline or SOP to handle this operation?

  2. You can hold Time study with in phase lll


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