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Different Types of Tablet Packing Machines

There are many types of tablet packing machines those are used for packing of tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
The packaging of medicines is equally important as producing it with no errors in their composition. Medicine may become lethal if it comes to a constant contact of external components like heat, air and water. With innovation and technology, various types and categories of packaging machines are evolved and are widely used across the globe.

Types of packaging machines are as follows –
1. Strip Packing Machines
    Tablet Packing
  • It is a high-quality sealing machine that with attaining high speed.
  • Features like temperature controller, high pressure for sealing roller help this machine to attain high-quality sealing.
  • Features like easily adjustable film feeding system, adjustable conveyor table makes this machine highly work efficiently.
  • Heat resistant material like plated Teflon is used in it that results in excellent sealing with no issues of the films melting.
  • The automatic wastage film collecting unit makes this machine most suitable for the job where minimum manual intervention is the motto.
  • Cutter comes with the protective function to avoid any damage to the products.
  • The machine comes with the safety glass cover to protect an operator from the broken pieces and material flown in the air.
  • The machine is widely used for a variety of products like capsules, tablets, etc.
  • It is best to opt for heat sealable-coated films such as aluminum foil poly, paper poly, Glassine poly and Cellphone poly, etc.
  • It is most suitable for a huge quality of packaging.
  • It is widely adopted in the production line for automatic production by large industries.
  • Examples of strip packaging machines are as follows - High-Speed Tablet Strip Packing Machine, Automatic/Soft Double Al Strip Packing Machine, Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine, Automatic Alu./Alu. packing machine and foil strip packing machine.

2. Blister Packaging Machines
  • It uses blister materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and polypropylene for packaging.
  • Features like vibration feeder and crisp remover effectively eliminate the powder and crisps inside medicine.
  • The machine is capable of achieving multiple functions like Auto counting, waster-side cutting, horizontal perforation, printing batch number and auto punch etc functions automatically in one process.
  • The diameter of heat pressing cam can be altered from 110 to 140 mm.
  • It widely opts for packaging of all kinds of liquid and solid in large and medium Pharmaceutical production units, hospital preparation laboratory, food production and packaging units, Electronic and hardware industry, etc.
  • Examples of blister packaging machines are as follows - Automatic Strip Blister Packaging Machine, PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets, Self-checking Molding Aluminum Blister Packaging Machine

3. Aluminum Foil Packaging Machine
  • It is made up of molds like forming, heat seal, punch that can be adjusted keenly on the guide track.
  • It is best to opt for different size plates.
  • The machine is easy to adjust.
  • It has good adaptability and high accuracy.
  • It is best to opt for packing all kinds of liquid, solid product, paste through change the feeder.
  • It is best to opt for packing of hot sensitivity medicines.

4. Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine
  • Features like high-performance counter make this machine capable of the precise cunning of capsules, pills, tablets and identical products.
  • Its lustrous design and conventional controls make it a good looking machine.
  • It comes with dual nozzles made up of stainless steel for continuous filling and counting
  • It supports variable counting speed.
  • It has a dust accumulating device that protects the accuracy of the machine.
  • It is widely used for packaging tablets, caplets, capsules, transparent gel capsules, and much more.

5. Automatic Pouch Packing Machine
  • This is a fully-automatic packing machine that first forms standup pouch, then fills it with a product and at the end seal it.
  • The machine offers higher seal strength, less leakage and better pouch appearance.
  • It is widely used for food, cosmetics, chemicals, beverage and pharmaceuticals packaging.
  • The machine is suitable for various types of products, such as powder, small granule, liquid, viscous liquid, paste, tablet, candy, solid, stick, large solid and irregular products.

6. Vertical Tablet Packing Machine
  • The machine has precise and compact structure and logical design.
  • It produces low noise while in use.
  • Its operations are comparatively stable and result in low malfunction.
  • It has features to perform certain processes like measuring, filling and bag marking automatically.
  • It is best to opt for round sugar-coated tablet, capsule, mesh mallow, chocolate bean, button, bolt and nut, steel ball, any solid product with identical shape etc.

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