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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Interview Questions and Answers

Interview question and their answers those are generally asked in pharmaceutical interview and make it difficult to answer.
Your answers to the questions asked in the interview directly affect your selection for the job. Everyone prepares for the job interview and tries to find the question those could be asked in his interview. Some questions are very common those are asked by the interviewers.

Following are some general questions and their answers those are asked in almost all pharmaceutical company interviews:

Top Interview Questions

Q1: Tell me about yourself?
Tip: Include your name, your place, education, job experience and family details in short.
Example answer:
Sir, my name is (Your Name). I live in Delhi. I have done masters in Pharmacy. I have 8 years of experience in pharmaceutical quality assurance and I have a wife and 2 kids in my family.

Q2: Why do you want to work with us?
Tip: Include the things you like in that company and relate these to your career goals.
Example answer:
Sir, it will be a great privilege for me to work in a reputed company like this. When I read about your requirements I found that my professional skills are matching with it. Here I can use my skills to contribute to the company growth.

Q3: What are your strengths?
Tip: Include 3-4 strengths from honest, self-motivated, hard-working, flexibility, adaptability, and positive attitude.
Example answer:
Sir, I am a hardworking, honest and self-motivated person with a positive attitude in my career and life.
Q4: What are your weaknesses?
Tip: Include 2-3 from sensitive, trust people easily, straightforward, can’t say no for help and can’t speak the lie.
Example answer:
Sir, I trust people easily and I can’t say no when anyone asks me for help.

Q5: Why should we hire you?
Tip: Include your knowledge, working experience, and professional skills.
Example answer:
Sir, from my past working experience, I fulfill all the requirements for this job. I am sincere with my work and assure you that you will never regret yourself for your decision to appoint me for this job.
Q6: What do you know about this company?
Tip: Search on the internet about the company details, products, branches, new inventions, current issues and the number of employees.
Example answer:
Sir, this Company is one of the fastest growing companies. It has a good working environment and everyone want to be a part of this company. It has many branches throughout the world. It has a good range of products and exports to different countries.

Q7: Why do you want to change your job?
Tip: include thanks to the previous company, tell about your learning from previous company and reason for the change.
Example answer:
Sir, I am thankful to my previous company where I learn a lot of things. Changes in the job are necessary for everyone to improve your knowledge, skills and financial growth. Your company will be a good platform for me to learn more.

Q8: What are your salary expectations?
Tip: Include your experience, current CTC but don’t tell the interviewer the exact figure.
Example answer:
Sir, I have an experience of 8 years in pharmaceutical quality assurance and my current CTC is 5 LPA. Salary is not a big issue for me and I expect the salary as per company norms according to my qualification and experience that can help me to maintain my economic needs.

Q9: What are your career goals?
Tip: Include your short term and long term goals in your answer.
Example answer:
Sir, my short term goal is to utilize my skills and improve my professional career in a reputed pharmaceutical company and my long term goal is to get a respectable position in that company.

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Q10: Do you want to ask anything?
Tip: Include thanks to interviewer and 2-3 from job timings, working hours, training period, job location, transport and salary structure.
Example answer:
Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity. Sir, I want to know about the working hours, transport facility from my location and salary for this job in your company.

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  1. Very good guidance for experience candidates, thank you sir.
    Regards, G. Ramakrishna, Aurobindo-QA.

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  2. Thanks for the standard interview.
    Prepare yourself before the interview, such as have a nice sleep, enough breakfast or lunch, as sometimes you do not know if the person who asked you to come, sometimes is quite busy and you will start the interview one, two or even 3 hours afterwards.
    Be calm and relax, during the interview.
    It is a good idea to seek information about the company, the management, the culture, vision - mision and company's future objectives. Asking from the company employees prior to the interview day would be a benefit as a your tools.

    Paulus Gunawan
    Consultant - Lecturer at Swiss German University

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