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Protective Gears used in Pharmaceutical Sterile Areas

Protection of personnel health as well as the product from contamination both are important in sterile area. Some protective gears should be used for this purpose.
In the health-related area, laboratories need to follow strict measures in order to keep everything flowing. Not only to protect the workers from possible hazards but to protect the patients from possible anomalies in the manipulated substances. In this article, we will tell you more about the laboratory protective gear in the pharmaceutical sterile area and how to use it.

Gowns and Aprons
Gowns will preferably be buttoned up, and long sleeve and rear opening gowns protect better than front opening gowns making them a better option in microbiology laboratories.
Aprons can be worn over the gowns for more protection when needed against the spillage of chemicals or biological material like blood or culture fluids. They must not be used outside the laboratory areas.

Protective Gears for Sterile AreaSafety Glasses and Visors
They protect the eyes and face from splashing and impact of objects. Their material will depend on the activity being carried out. Glasses can be made, with special frames that allow the glasses to be placed from the front, the crystals are made of unbreakable material and can be curved or have lateral protections. Mask goggles to protect against splashes and impacts should be worn on top of your regular prescription glasses and contact lenses.
The visors are made of unbreakable plastic, fit the face and are attached to the head by tapes or a hood.
None of these protective elements should be used outside the laboratory.

Respiratory masks
Respiratory protection can be used when performing high-risk procedures, the type of respiratory mask chosen will depend on the type of hazard. Some respirator masks come with replaceable filters to protect against gases, vapors, particles, and microorganisms. In these cases, it is crucial that the filter is placed in the appropriate type of mask.

To guarantee full protection, respiratory masks must conform to the worker's face and be tested beforehand. In extreme cases, a self-contained breathing device with integrated air supply will provide better protection. To select the right type of mask for your laboratory, you should seek and experts recommendation from a qualified, such as a specialist in occupational hygiene.

Gloves protect your hands from wounds caused by sharp objects and direct contact with contaminating agents.
The recommended gloves are disposable latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves of the surgical type approved for microbiological use for handling infectious agents and for general laboratory work. Using reusable gloves is an option, but they must be efficiently removed, washed, cleaned and disinfected. 

After handling infectious material and before leaving the laboratory, remove your gloves and wash your hands thoroughly. Disposable gloves should be disposed of together with the infected laboratory waste.
Latex gloves can generate allergic reactions such as dermatitis and immediate hypersensitivity so you should always have an alternative.

All the laboratory equipment should be managed with care, and have to be specifically meant for the activities developed and the substances managed in order to guarantee people’s safety.

Now you know more about the protective gear to be used in a pharmaceutical sterile area. We hope you found this information useful and await for your comments in the section below.

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