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Checklist for Audit in Engineering/ Maintenance

Audit checklist for the engineering and maintenance department.
1. Are internal quality audits carried out?
  • Last audit date
  • Compliance status
  • Any pending Issues (May attach separate sheet if required)
2. Is there an organogram for the dept?
3. Are no. of personnel adequate?
4. Is the department manual available for reference?
5. Is the responsibility of the personnel available?
6. Are all SOP’s w.r.t. procedures are correct & followed?
7. Are revision status/ date mentioned in all the documents?
8. Is any obsolete document found floating in the dept?
9. Are proper breakdown entries made in the history card?
10. Are Boiler, D.G. set, M.S.E.B, Logbooks maintained?

11. Is the list of equipment available?
12. Are the preventive maintenance schedule & plan available?
13. Is the list of critical spares available?
14. Is proper indent given for required material with proper authorization?
15. What is the identification mark for cleaned & un-cleaned filters?
16. Are all service lines well defined by displaying coded/ color details?
17. Is buffer stock of filter kept with proper identification?
18. Whether all filters with proper identification marks?
19. Whether all calibration carried out by third parties have traceability to national standards?
20. Is the ETP tank labeled properly?
21. Are preventive maintenance schedules done as per schedule?
22. Is the IQ, PQ, OQ done for new equipment?
23. Is the breakdown records maintained?
24. Are levels of underground water, sufficient diesel, boiler & D.G. set tanks inspected regularly?
25. Are there checks on Humidity & Temperature controller?
26. Are calibration tags available on each piece of equipment?
27. Are procedures along with frequencies available for calibration?
28. Whether temp. & pressure gauges used are calibrated as per frequency?
29. What is the procedure for ‘Out of Calibration’ equipment?
30. Is a proper status label for critical spares?
31. Is the proper status label of filters clean?
32. Are calibration status is available on calibrated equipment?
33. Is any non-conforming product/utility identified properly?
34. Are records maintained if documented procedure changes due to corrective/ preventive action?
35. Whether proper authorization is taken for any deviation?

36. Is a work permit taken for critical activities?
37. Are critical spares stored properly?
38. Whether safety wears are used during maintenance work?
39. Are all records (controlled copies) of SOP’s kept/displayed in proper locations?
40. Is there a retention period for each of these documents?
41. Are all operators & workers trained?
42. Are records of training properly maintained?
43. Is the employee assessed after training?
44. Is retraining given if required?
45. Is there a training calendar?
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