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Checklist for Audit in HR/ Admin

Checklist for preparation of audit in human resource/ admin department.
1. All the personnel is aware or trained to understand the principles of GMP.
2. Whether the organization chart/organogram is in place?
3. Whether the responsibilities at different levels are clearly defined?
4. Whether unauthorized personnel is restricted to enter the premises?
5. Whether training programs are conducted for workmen, officers and executives?
6. Whether training records are in place with respective departments?
7. Whether training evaluation is also done effectively as per the SOP?
8. Whether induction & on-job program is carried out for all the newly recruited personnel? Are records maintained?
9. Whether all the employees are undergoing the medical examination? What is the frequency?
10. Whether all the persons are trained for personal hygiene?

11. Whether SOP is in place to have control on entry with illness or open lesions to production area?
12. Whether the records are maintained?
13. Is there an SOP, which describes the cross-contamination and mix–up during product handling?
14. Is there any SOP, which explains not, to eat, drink, smoke, chew and other activities, which can influence the affecting the quality of the product.
15. Is pest control record up to date?
16. Is medical examination schedule available?
17. Whether the cleaning and sanitization records in place?
18. Whether the entry & exit procedures are followed as per the SOP?
19. Whether the gowning procedure is carried out as per the SOP?
20. Whether the laundry inspection is carried out? And the record is in place?
21. Whether the in-house linen washing facility is in the good state of conditions? Are all records maintained?
22. Whether the goods coming to the facility have been properly inspected and documented?
23. Is there a restriction to the entry of inflammable materials to the facility?
24. Is there a list for daily sewage production in a Plant?
25. Security alertness provided to all employees when incidents occurred in the plant?
26. Is there a provision for employees to provide first aid in minor injuries and hospitalization in major injuries?
27. Is discipline maintained in the company during working and other activities?
28. Is there any welfare program conducted for motivating to employees?
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