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Checklist for Audit in Purchase Department

Checklist to verify the documents of purchase department before an audit.
1. Is the current list of Vendors available?
2. Is the list of TSE / BSE certificate available?
3. Verify the addresses of manufacturers/suppliers from the current vendor list. Is it concurrent?
4. Check the Purchase Orders for SAP codes. Are the SAP codes current and approved?
5. Check the Purchase Orders from vendor list. Is it concurrent?

6. Is the list of SAP codes available against specifications
7. Is the list of current specifications available?
8. Check the Invoice as received along with consignments, is the material as per agreed specification?
9. Check the vendor approval process. Are all the approval qualification/questionnaire are available as per SOP?
10. Check the number of vendors against for material. Are there stand by vendors available?

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