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Dry Syrup Manufacturing

Some of the syrups in pharmaceuticals are manufactured in dried form because the ingredients of these syrups have a habit of degradation in the wet form. Mostly syrups of antibiotics for children are manufactured in dried form.
Dry syrup refers to medicine that is contained in powder form. To administer dry syrup the powder medication is dissolved in water. This form of medication is best for treatment of children owing to its relative easiness to administer in comparison to other forms of medicine. It provides a safe way of storing medicines that are not stable in liquid form especially antibiotics. The dry syrup helps to avoid physical stability issues with normal suspensions. The formulation also reduces the weight of the medicines making transportation cheaper.

When manufacturing dry syrup medicine the dry mixture should have a uniform concentration of the required ingredients. This ensures that the medicine does not break up into a non-homogeneous mixture when reconstituted which may lead to errors in dosage. The items used in the manufacturing of dry syrup include excipients, granule disintegrates, granule binder and powder blends.

Dry SyrupExcipients are used for stabilization of active ingredients for a long period of time. the type of excipient used is based on the suitability for reconstitution and the type of the powder. the granule disintegrate helps in ensuring the dry syrup particles do not aggregate during reconstitution. The granule binder helps in ensuring that the particles of the dry syrup settle in the suspension.

Dry syrup manufacturing begins with the preparation of the powder blends. The ingredients used in the manufacture are weighed and dispensed. The next step involves sieving the ingredients. The dry syrup should have uniform granules hence the sieving may involve different stages to ensure homogeneous powder. The powder is transferred to the drum mixer. The mixing of the dry mixture is done in two steps to ensure complete mixing.

The first stage involves mixing of the powder with a key excipient that helps in the dispersion. In stage two, the remaining excipients are mixed. The combination of the powdered and granulated excipients is done. At this stage, other excipients that are heat sensitive such as flavors are added into the dry syrup mixture to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

The dry syrup is packaged using the filling and the sealing machine. The dry syrup is filled into the appropriate packaging and sealed. the containers should have a wide mouth with enough air space to allow for easy flow of the liquid. The containers should protect the contents from excessive heat, moisture and freezing. After packaging, the container is labeled and it should include the label "shake before use". This label ensures the dry syrup has a homogeneous mixture before reconstitution.

The labels also include the instructions of usage and reconstitution. It also includes the conditions under which the reconstituted solution should be stored. Packing and cartoning are done by automatically using the packing and cartoning machine. The dry syrup should be stored at room temperature to ensure the active elements maintain the state until usage.

The process of dry syrup manufacturing includes stringent quality testing and assurance at different levels. Testing of the moisture levels and temperatures are done during mixing and formation of granules to ensure safety and quality of the medicine.

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