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Mobile Technology and Adherence Monitoring

Cellular communication and other aspects of mobile technology is part of the field of mobile technology.

Mobile Technology

Cellular communication and other aspects of mobile technology is part of the field of mobile technology. Multi-transmitter systems allow multiple transmitters to work simultaneously on the same channel. The CDMA network accomplishes this by allowing simultaneous transmission of data on multiple channels. Since it restricts the likelihood of interference between two or more sources, it allows many users to use a single frequency. As it has evolved, so has this channel. With the rapid evolution of mobile technology, its uses have become more varied, gradually replacing some other channels of communication that are also used, such as landlines and post offices. Using a mobile device, which used to be a simple phone and messaging tool, has evolved into a multitasking device that performs GPS navigation, internet browsing, gaming, instant messaging, etc. The future of computer technology does not lie in wireless networking and mobile computing, according to experts. Tablet and mobile computers become increasingly popular as mobile technology advances.

Twenty years ago, the technology of mobile phones was a mystery, but it has now become a necessity in both urban and rural areas. Due to its present diversity of functionality, today's mobile technology is being transformed into a technology capable of providing user comfort. Initially, mobile phones were primarily used for sending SMS, making calls, and playing games. As a result, modern life has become much more convenient. Through mobile technology, marketers can easily market their products. Bluetooth and wifi are available on the mobile device, so users can transfer files. Additionally, the device has Internet access, making it possible for the user to gather information and to download files from the internet. Video call conferencing has also been made possible by mobile technology. Businessmen and clients can now communicate even if they are not in the same place as each other.

It is now easier than ever to access all forms of entertainment from the comfort of your home with the help of mobile technology. Geographic coordinates can also be located using the global positioning system (GPS). Mobile technology is particularly important to business; bankers rely solely on it to manage finances and stock. Through apps and websites, mobile technology allows companies to increase revenues by providing customers the convenience of patronizing their products.

Pharmacy professionals and other health care providers are able to assess and improve patients' medication adherence through the use of mobile technology. Technology is not a new concept when it comes to improving medication adherence, as many innovators and companies have tried to create products patients could use every day. It is inevitable that most patients will choose the tried-and-true pill box because they know it works. It is possible to use mobile technologies to improve medication adherence, track symptoms, track side effects, provide prescription refills directly on the app, and let patients stay informed about their treatment progress.

Technologies are being rapidly adopted by the healthcare industry to streamline processes within clinics and to integrate data analytics for providers. Today, greater access to medical information, tracking of daily health, and even monitoring of vital signs is possible via portal devices, thanks to new digital innovations being introduced every day.

Why is this important to the patient?

  • You can easily manage medication refills so you don't forget to take your medication
  • Being in control of your health and taking ownership of your care
  • Ensure that you avoid unnecessary doctor's visits, or even hospitalizations, because of nonadherence

For the provider, what does this mean?

  • Patient self-care will save your practice time and resources by allowing patients to manage their own medications
  • The specialty pharmacy should communicate better with the patient on prescription updates and reminders
  • Increased adherence to medication leads to improved patient health

Adherence Monitoring

The monitoring of adherence levels through digital means gives trial leaders valuable insights into adherence levels. In this way, they are able to identify the risk of non-adherence to medications and mitigate it before lowering study power and affecting results. Additionally, advanced digital monitoring allows you to get a complete picture of patient adherence behaviors and key risk indicators that help you complete the study successfully. Methods for monitoring compliance without digital technology, such as pill counting or self-report diaries, are biased and insensitive to the existence of non-adherence.

An ideal digital solution is one that is user-friendly. Smart package monitoring has been shown to be 97% accurate, whereas pill counting is 60%, professional ratings is 50%, and self-reporting is just 27%. The microcircuitry in smart drug packaging / devices, which transmits dose administration information, allows for user-friendly digital adherence monitoring. With adherence-informed trials, drug development can be optimized. There are a number of benefits for the healthcare system, including improved compliance with medication intake schedules, improved data quality and statistical power, a reduction in the size of the patient population, and a reduced time to market. The benefits include the ability to interpret risks and benefits of patients accurately.
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