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SOP for Prevention of Accidents and Fire Caused by Improper Handling of Welding and Gas Cutting Machine

Standard operating procedure to prevent accidents during welding near the areas containing flammable or combustible vapors/ liquids or dusts.


      To lay down procedure for prevent accidents and fire caused by improper handling of welding and gas cutting machine to nearby areas containing flammable or combustible vapors/ liquids or dusts.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable for welding and gas cutting machines.


      Officer/Executives/Assistant manager


      HOD Engineering and User Departments.


5.1 Safety Precautions

5.1.1 Wear Helmet, wear welding shield / goggle for welding and safety shield for cutting.
5.1.2 Wear hand gloves.

5.2 General Guidelines

5.2.1 Before carrying out any welding job in manufacturing area other than the designated welding area obtain “Hot Work Permit”.
5.2.2 Never weld near flammable materials.
5.2.3 Welding and gas cutting area should not be wet.
5.2.4 Do not cool electrode by dipping in water.
5.2.5 Keep fire extinguisher near by while carrying out welding or cutting operations.
5.2.6 Ensure adequate exhaust/ ventilation in the area where welding/ gas cutting activity is to be undertaken.
5.2.7 Use respirator when welding operations likely to give off metal fumes and toxic gases or working in confined space.
5.2.8 Handle compressed gas cylinders with care. Secure them to prevent tumbling. Never carry out hot work on filled cylinder/ vessel.
5.2.9 Never bang cylinders against each other. Never drop them.
5.2.10 Ensure cylinder valves are properly closed after use.
5.2.11 Never allow oxygen to contact greasy surface of clothes.
5.2.12 Ensure welding machine is properly grounded. Inspect cables; if broken or bare wire is visible, repair or replace damage portion.
5.2.13 Ensure electrode holders are well insulated.
5.2.14 To prevent electric shock, never weld while standing in water, or change electrodes while standing on wet surface.
5.2.15 Do not pull cables while welding operation is in progress.


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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