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SOP for Vessels Operated Greater than Atmospheric Pressure

Standard operating procedure of pressurized vessels having higher pressure.


To lay down the procedure for vessels operated greater than atmospheric pressure.


This SOP shall be applicable for pressure vessels available in factory premises.


Engineering Head


Manager & Designee


5.1 Pressure vessels shall be properly designed as per the Static and Mobile Pressure Vessel (SMPV) rules’ complying with IS standard.
5.2 Every pressure vessel shall be fitted with Safety valve or another effective device to ensure that maximum safe working pressure shall not exceed at any time.
5.2.1 Pressure gauge shall be mounted on pressure vessel with stop valve.
5.2.2 A suitable stop valve or valves by which the pressure vessel may be isolated from the source of supply.
5.2.3 A suitable drain valve shall be fitted to each pressure vessel.
5.3 Every pressure plant in service shall be thoroughly examined by a competent person:
· Externally once in every period of six months.
· Internally once in every period of twelve months.
· Hydraulic test once in a period of two or four years (Ref. Point 4.4)
5.4 If an internal inspection is not possible it may be replaced by a hydraulic test, which shall be carried out once in every period of two years.
5.5 Mark the maximum working pressure and the date of the last examination on every pressure vessel.
5.6 Never operate pressure vessel at a high pressure than the maximum safe working pressure.
5.7 If the pressure vessel is not in use for a period exceeding six months or has gone under repairs or alternations shall be examined and tested by a competent person before use.

5.8 No pressure vessel or pressure plant shall be taken into use for the first time in the factory unless:
5.8.1 A certificate specifying the maximum safe working pressure and the test, to which it was subjected to, is obtained from the maker.
5.8.2 It is thoroughly examined by a competent person in premises where it is to be used.
5.8.3 The report of the result of every examination made shall be completed


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
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