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SOP for Unloading, Storage, Handling and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Standard operating procedure to unload, store, handle and use of compressed gas cylinders.


      To lay down procedure for unloading storage, handling and use of compressed gas cylinders.

2.0 SCOPE:

      This SOP shall be applicable for all compressed gas cylinders.


      Ware House/User department


      Head of Department


5.1 Fresh receipt and issue

5.1.1 Before unloading identify the cylinders by their colors as per their standard color code and or labels.
5.1.2 Visibly check the cylinders completely at the time of receipt from supplier along with its valve cap, if valve cap not available do not receive the cylinder.
5.1.3 In case of doubt about the identification of the gas cylinders do not issue it for process until it is properly identified.
5.1.4 Do not lubricate cylinder valves.
5.1.5 Use only standard keys for opening and closing the valves.
5.1.6 Before removing regulator from a cylinder close the valve and release gas from the regulator.

5.2 Unloading

5.2.1 Unload directly on a raised platform by rolling over a rubber mat.
5.2.2 Make sure that the cylinder bottom end touches rubber mat first.
5.2.3 Cylinder should be transported by means of suitable hand trolleys provided with chain or bracket.

5.3 Storage

5.3.1 Cylinder should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilate place under cover away from boilers, and open place, steam pipe or any other potential sources of heat.
5.3.2 Cylinders containing flammable gases and toxic gases shall be kept separately.
5.3.3 Empty cylinder shall be segregated from the filled ones, tagged it and all the valves are tightly shut.
5.3.4 All cylinders should be kept up right and chained/securely fastened to the wall or a stand.


6.1 SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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