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SOP for Cleaning of Dispensing Utensils

Standard operating procedure to clean the dispensing utensils used in dispensing of Raw Materials.


       To lay down a procedure for cleaning of dispensing utensils.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for cleaning of dispensing utensils at Stores Department.


       Stores Assistant


       Head of Department


5.1  After completion of dispensing activity, collect used dispensing utensils (Scoops, Spoons and Spatula) in a container duly labeled “To be cleaned" and transfer to the respective washing area.
5.2  Wash the scoops/spoons with Potable water and Teepol solution.
5.3  Finally rinse scoop/spoons with purified water.
5.4  Sanitize the scoops/spoons by moping with dry lint free cloth damped with 70% IPA solution and Allow to dry it.
5.5  After drying, keep the scoops/spoons in a polythene bag and tied with nylon thread and affixed the status label "Cleaned" on utensils indicating date of cleaning and sign it.
5.6  Keep the “Cleaned” scoop/ spoons in the separate SS container and transfer above container to dedicated area.
5.7  Record it in “Dispensing Log Book”.


6.1  SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2  IPA – Iso propyl alcohol
6.3  SS – Stainless steel

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