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SOP for Dispensing and Issuing of Packing Material as Per Production Requirement

Standard operating procedure of dispensing and issuing of Packing Material as per the requirement from Production Department.


       To lay down a procedure for dispensing and issuing of Packing Material as per the requirement from Production Department.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for all packing material which are dispensed and issued to Production Department by Stores Department.


       Stores Assistant/Officer


       Head of Department


5.1  Production department shall give Bill of Material / Material Requisition sheet well in advance to stores department.
5.2  After getting Bill of Material/Material Requisition sheet from Production dept., store person shall check the availability of approved material for the respective batch in SAP.
5.3  If any material found still lying in under test, the store person inform to Q. C. immediately.
5.4  The store person shall ensure that all the Packing Material is to be issued as per quantity mentioned in Bill of Material / Material Requisition Sheet.
5.5  Store person shall ensure that approved packing material of appropriate Art Work / Sub Code is to be issued and by maintaining FAFO system.
5.6  If Production Head required other A.R no. material, then current A.R. No. Stock shall be kept aside and new A.R. No. shall be issued with proper justification by Production and Q.A. Manager. Proper justification Note/Deviation report shall be maintained.
5.7  In case of aluminum foil / PVC film, store person shall dispensed the required quantity by weighing and record the same quantity in requisition slip (Foil Issue Record). In case of extra quantity issued due to intact foil roll issuance, actual issued quantity will be recorded after verification of partial quantity returned from production.
5.8  In case of other printed packaging material, an intact pack is issued considering the quantity as per supplier label and left quantity is issued by manual counting.
5.9  Loose quantity is packed in a separate polybag before issuing to Packing Department and loose quantity left is also packed in polybag with UNDER USE (Loose Quantity) label.
5.10  Keep issued material on separate pallet affixed with the dispensing slip to the dispensed material.
5.11  All issued material is transferred to packing area along with Original and Duplicate Bill of Material. The packing person shall return the duplicate copy as receipt of material after signing the same to stores dept. for necessary entries.
5.12  Material issued from outside store area will be brought in closed trolley. The issued material will be taken inside the plant by de-dusting the boxes and wrappers in which the material is transferred.
5.13  Store person shall take the entries of the issued material.
5.14  If additional material is required by packing dept., The store person shall ensure that the material is to be issued with proper additional requisition/extra material requisition sheet duly authorized by Production Head and QA Head.
5.15  A.R. wise reconciliation is to be done after consumption of particular A.R. No. (A.R. wise Reconciliation).


6.1  SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2  QC – Quality control
6.3  QA – Quality assurance
6.4  PVC – Poly  vinyl chloride

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