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Why Dissolution Test Apparatus Calibration with Salicylic Acid Tablets was Stopped?

Know the reasons behind the withdrawal of the salicylic acid tablets from the dissolution test apparatus calibration.
Prednisone and Salicylic acid tablets USP were used for the calibration of dissolution test apparatus. Prednisone tablets were disintegration type and Salicylic acid tablets were non-disintegration type.

Reference StandardsDissolution test apparatus calibration is described in General Chapter DISSOLUTION <711> but the calibration with Salicylic acid tablets USP is no longer available now because USP had withdrawn the Salicylic acid calibration part on December 01, 2009.

FDA published the change in dissolution test apparatus calibration in January 2010 in cGMP guideline for calibration of dissolution apparatus while USP published a toolkit for calibration for the dissolution test apparatus in March 2010 describing the dissolution test apparatus calibration procedure only with Prednisone tablets. But FDA and USP does not describe the requirement for the change.

Following are some possible reasons for the withdrawal of Salicylic acid tablets from the dissolution test apparatus calibration.

1. Salicylic acid tablets were non-disintegrating and uncoated tablets but practically uncoated and non-disintegrating formulations are very rare, so there was no requirement for the calibration the dissolution apparatus with the non disintegrating tablets.

2. Salicylic acid tablets are unstable and stuck together. Due to this, these tablets violates the quality of analytical standard.
Therefore the Salicylic acid tablets had withdrawned from the calibration of dissolution test apparatus.

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