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Structure and Uses of Benzyl benzoate, Dimethyl phthalate, Methyl salicylate and Acetyl salicylic acid

Insect repellents and medications consist of benzyl benzoate, an organic compound. Scabies and lice are treated with this medication.

Benzyl benzoate


Insect repellents and medications consist of benzyl benzoate, an organic compound. Scabies and lice are treated with this medication. Malathion or permethrin are typically recommended for scabies treatment. They are applied topically. It should be applied two to three times. Balsam of the Peruvian Andes, tolu balsam, and several flowers contain the compound



Human scabies can be effectively treated with benzyl benzoate, which is an inexpensive topical treatment. As a result, many asthma medicines and whooping cough medicines contain this compound. Also, it is used in testosterone replacement medicines (like Nebido) that have been created to treat hypogonadism. To treat acaricidal, scabicide, and pediculicides conditions, veterinarian hospitals use benzyl benzoate.


The chemical benzyl benzoate works as a mosquito, tick, and chigger repellent. Additionally, it is used in the perfume industry as a dye carrier, plasticizer, cellulose derivative solvent, and fixative.

Dimethyl phthalate


The molecular formula of dimethyl phthalate is (C2H3O2)2C6H4. Inorganic solvents dissolve this colorless liquid, which is a methyl ester of phthalic acid.


Plastics, safety glass, insect repellents, and lacquer coatings are among the products produced using this ingredient. Diesters, diester esters, methyl esters, and phthalate esters are all components of dimethyl phthalate. Plastics, insect repellents, propellants for solid rockets, and other uses for dimethyl phthalate exist.

Methyl salicylate


One of the most widely used counterirritants is methyl salicylate, which is also known as wintergreen oil, a sweet-smelling drug in the aspirin family. During the methylation of methyl salicylate, the phenolic hydroxyl is not changed while the carboxylate moiety remains unchanged. Salicylic acid is very similar in composition to methyl salicylate. Willow bark contains high levels of salicylic acid, which is capable of easing pain and reducing fever.


  • As a flavoring agent, it appears in very low concentrations in candy, chewing gum, cough drops, and toothpaste.
  • Wintergreen oil is commonly used in aromatherapy.
  • The application of this compound to cosmetics and sports massage products acts as a rubefacient.
  • Joint pain and muscle pain can be treated with ointments and liniments containing this anti-inflammatory agent.

Acetyl salicylate acid


2-Acetoxybenzoic acid is also called aspirin or aspirin. This powdery substance is colorless or white in appearance. Although it doesn't have a smell by itself, it acquires an acetic acid smell when in moist air. Its flash point is 482° F. In medicine, it is used to treat inflammation, pain, and fever. It is widely acknowledged that Aspirin, on the WHO's list of essential medicines, is one of the best and safest medicines available.

  • Cyclo-oxygenase is inhibited by acetylsalicylic acid.
  • Thrombosis of the veins and arteries is prevented with it.
  • Different types of headaches can also be treated with the drug.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties make it useful both for chronic and acute inflammation.
  • The disease is thought to reduce cancer risk as well as the chances of dying from it.
  • After a heart attack, aspirin reduces the death risk.
Health risks - Ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact are all exposure pathways. Eye irritation, upper respiratory tract irritation, skin irritation, increased blood clotting time, vomiting, nausea. Acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin, is widely used to relieve mild aches and pains and to reduce fevers. As a blood thinner, it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. For children under 16 years of age, aspirin is not recommended because it can increase the chances of Reye's syndrome, a disorder caused by infection, like a cold, flu, or chickenpox. The brain can be permanently damaged or even die.
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