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SOP for First Aid

Standard operating procedure for the first aid at the time of any accident in pharmaceutical.


To lay down the procedure to render immediate first aid in an emergency to preserve life and assist recovery.


This procedure is applicable for a casualty for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of a qualified medical expert.


All first aid providers.


Head of Department


5.1 First Aid Management

5.1.1 Encourage the employees to volunteer for first aid training.
5.1.2 Arrange first aid training for the employee through approved hospital authorities or medical expert.
5.1.3 Exhibit a list of all such trained personnel indicating their normal workplace at the canteen.
5.1.4 Provide first aid kit/ box stocked with essential basic items in each department. Also, stock all the essential antidotes at required places and other emergency aids.
5.1.5 Conduct monthly or as and when required checking of the items kept in first aid box and replaces the exhausted/ expired items and records the same.

5.2 Cuts and Wounds

5.2.1 Try to stop bleeding as the first step.
5.2.2 Cover wound with clean cloth / sterile gauze and apply direct pressure.
5.2.3 Raise and support the part if the wound is on a limb and if there is no fracture.
5.2.4 Place a sterile or clean dressing and padding over the wound. Press down firmly and secure with a bandage. Tie bandage firmly enough to control bleeding but not so tight as to cut off circulation.
5.2.5 If bleeding continuos, do not remove dressing but apply further dressing or pads on top of the original ones and bandage firmly.

5.3 Burns injury

5.3.1 Never use iodine, cotton, Oil or Greasy ointment.
5.3.2 Reassure the casualty. Place the injured part under slowly running cold water or immerse it in cold water for at least 15 minutes.
5.3.3 Gently remove any rings, watches, belts, shoes or other constricting clothing from the injured area before it starts to swell.
5.3.4 Dress the area with clean, preferably sterile non fluffy material
5.3.5 Do not break blisters, remove any loose skin or otherwise interfere with the injured area.
5.3.6 Do not remove anything that is sticking to a burn.
5.3.7 For Chemical burns flood the affected area with running cold water for at least 15 minutes. Gently removes the contaminated clothing while flooding the injured area. Use body shower if available in the area for flooding the affected body parts.

5.4 Fractures

5.4.1 Don’t move the victim, particularly when the injury to neck or spine is suspected. Support affected part.
5.4.2 Support broken bone with a splint (anything hard) pad the splint with rags, cloth or any soft material. Tie firmly in place to keep the broken part from moving.
5.4.3 Do not try to push protruding bones into place.
5.4.4 Arrange to send the casualty to hospital.

5.5 Poisoning

5.5.1 Immediately give a large amount of water to dilute poison and call for the doctor.
5.5.2 If medical help is delayed induce vomiting unless the victim has swallowed corrosive substance.
5.5.3 If the victim has swallowed strong acids or alkalies, give fluids (water or milk) to dilute the poison.
5.5.4 In case of gas poisoning, transfer the victim into the fresh air surrounding immediately. If breathing is stopped or irregular give artificial respiration. Call for breathing oxygen cylinder and ambulance for taking the victim to the hospital.

5.6 Chemicals in Eye

5.6.1 Flush with water immediately for about 15 minutes separate eye lids and allow a large amount of water to pour over the affected eye to wash away chemicals till no evidence of chemical remains. Use eyewash fountain or eye wash bottle to clean the eyes.
5.6.2 Cover affected eye with clean bandage and rush victim to a doctor

5.7 Object in Eye

5.7.1 Foreign particle may be removed by the natural flow of tears or flow of water using Eye wash fountain.
5.7.2 If above fails, turn down the lower lid gently and roll the upper eye lid back for inspection. Remove visible particle with the moistened corner of the cloth.
5.7.3 Do not rub or touch immovable foreign particle on the eye ball.
5.7.4 Sharp objects imbedded or penetrated in the eye ball should be removed by a doctor. Cover both eyes with a light bandage and take the victim to a doctor.

5.8 Artificial Respiration

5.8.1 Don’t wait to call a doctor if a victim stops breathing. Act instantly and blow your own breath into the victim’s lungs. Let someone else summon the doctor.
5.8.2 Lay the victim on his back. Remove any foreign matter from victims mouth
5.8.3 Place one hand over victims neck and lift tilting his head back and down
5.8.4 Place your open mouth and pinch his nose shut. Exhale into victim’s mouth vigorously to expand his chest. Remove your mouth to let retuning air escape.
5.8.4 Start with four quick breaths, then once every five seconds. If you do not get air exchange, check head and jaw positions. Make sure tongue is not blocking the air passage. Try mouth to mouth breathing again.


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

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