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SOP for Medical Checkup

Standard operating procedure for the medical check-up and health fitness of the company employees.


To provide a guideline to check the health of every employee working in the factory.


Applicable to all employees working in the factory.


Dept. Head – Human Resource / Designee 


      Head of Department


5.1 All employees should be examined by a qualified physician.
5.2 All personnel shall undergo medical check up prior to employment. The medical check up shall be for fitment checkup for the job, which includes eye examination, colour blindness, tuberculosis, skin and other communicable contagious diseases.
5.3 In case a person found unfit for the job or affected by any contagious disease, he / she shall not be recruited.
5.4 The medical check up shall be done for staff / workers once in a year. Records shall be maintained by HR department.
5.5 After the medical checkup, the doctor shall certify about the fitness of the employee.
5.6 In case a person found affected by any contagious disease during yearly medical check up, he / she shall not be allowed to work and shall be advised for further necessary treatment.
5.7 After completion of the treatment the employee shall be allowed to resume his / her original place of employment after obtaining medical fitness certificate by qualified physician.
5.8 HR department shall maintain required records or certification by the physician.

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6.1  SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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