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SOP for Cleaning and Maintenance of Fogger

Standard operating procedure to clean and maintain the fogger used for fogging in microbiology lab and production area.


To lay down a Procedure for Operation & Maintenance of Fogger.


This procedure is applicable for Fogger which is installed in Microbiology laboratory of Quality Control.




Head- QA & QC


5.1 Operating Procedure

5.1.1 Plug the machine into an appropriate power source as specified on the machine identification label. If an extension cord is being used, assure that it is of the proper rating.
5.1.2 Turn the machine power switch to the ON position to begin the application.
5.1.3 Continue spraying until the correct amount of formulation has been dispensed.
5.1.4 To interrupt spraying turn power switches to the OFF position but do not close the metering valve. When spraying is finished, close metering valve before turning the switch to the OFF position. This will clear outlines and prevent chemicals from dripping from the nozzle.
5.1.5 Prepare the disinfectant according to the requirement.
5.1.6 Fill the tank of the fogger with the prepared disinfectant.
5.1.7 Set the metering valve low to high according to the requirement.
5.1.8 Switch on the main switch of the fogger and keep the fogger in the area to be fumigated for approximately 15 to 20 minutes
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5.1.9 Maintenance

5.1.10 Periodically clean the formulation tank using a hot water/ detergent solution. Fully open the machine valve and operate the machine for 3 to 5 minutes, flushing the solution through the valve, lines, and nozzle
5.2 After 500 hours of operation, carefully remove the blower assembly and examine the brushes and the Commutator of the Blower motor.
5.2.1 I the brushes are worn or damaged, replace the brushes.
5.3 If If it becomes necessary to disassemble the foundation-metering valve of cleaning, be careful not to enlarge the metering orifice or damage the taper of the valve stem. Doing so will affect the calibration of the machine.
5.3.1 After every use remove and clean the air intake filter on the rear of the blower housing using a hot water/ detergent solution.
5.4 Allow the filter to dry completely before attempting to operate the machine.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QC: Quality Control
NA: Not Applicable
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