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SOP for Cleaning of Glassware for Microbiology

Standard operating procedure to clean the glassware used in microbiological analysis.


       To lay down the procedure for Cleaning of Glass ware.

2.0  SCOPE

       This is applicable to Microbiology lab.




       Head of Department


5.1  Precautions

5.1.1  All cleaning operations shall be carried out in washing area.
5.1.2  Potable water shall be used for washing of glasswares.
5.1.3  Rinsing shall be done with purified water.
5.1.4  Cleaning agents may be hazardous & must be handled carefully as per the instruction given by the manufacturer.
5.1.5  Protective clothing such as Aprons, Hand gloves, and Eye shields must be worn while handling of glassware and preparing the cleaning agents.

5.2  Procedure for cleaning

5.2.1 After complete analysis, deactivate the glassware containing cytotoxic drug using deactivation medium as SOP.
5.2.2  Flasks, beakers, pipettes, bottles and measuring cylinders are to be cleaned in the following manner.
5.2.3  Microbial contaminated glassware shall be decontaminated as per SOP.
5.2.4  Wash the used glassware with plenty of potable water.
5.2.5  Then rinse the glassware with 2 % detergent solution prepared in purified water. 
5.2.6  Rinse the glassware with plenty of potable water till it is free from detergent.
5.2.7  Again rinse with purified water 3 to 4 times.
5.2.8  Keep the glassware in oven for drying at 60°C

6.0  Abbreviations

6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  QCM - Quality Control Microbiology
6.3  % - Percent
6.4  °C - Degree Centigrade

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