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SOP for Dispatch the Finished Goods Outside the Factory Premises

Standard operating procedure to dispatch the finished goods after packing from warehouse BSR through SAP system.


To lay down a procedure to dispatch the Finished Goods outside the factory premises from BSR.


This SOP shall be applicable to dispatch the finished goods outside the factory premises from BSR.


Stores Assistant/Officer


Head of the department


5.1 After completion of batch packing, packing department shall give the intimation in the form of finished goods transfer note (FGTN) to BSR ( full form bounded store room ) every day.
5.2 BSR person shall check the following parameters physically before transferring the finished goods to Bonded Store Room:
• Quantity/Product details
• Details on the labels or shippers
• Quantity in the loose box
5.3 The BSR person shall keep all finished goods in orderly fashioned and all under test Finished Goods should be stored in quarantine area to have batch segregation and identification.
5.4 MIGO entry shall be taken in SAP and manual entries in Daily Stock account Register for Finished Products.
5.5 After completion of analysis by QC and verification of batch record by QA person, a “Finished Product Release Note” shall be given to BSR and also affix the “Released” for dispatch label on shipper by QA person.
5.6 Released intimation shall be entered in SAP and material shall be dispatched as per the indent received.
5.7 Before loading the material, check the following points.
• Inspect the vehicle.
• Confirm the Quantity & Batch No. to be dispatched.
5.8 Prepare excise invoice and make necessary entries in all relevant documents.
5.9 Loading is to be done in presence of BSR person and security person.
5.10 After completion of loading, handover the Duplicate for Transporter copy to the transporter.

5.11 One copy of each invoice shall be given to Accounts Department and on security gate.
5.12 Complete all necessary entries of dispatch in Daily Stock Account Register.


6.1 SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2 QA – Quality assurance
6.3 QC – Quality control

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