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SOP for House Keeping of Stores

Standard operating procedure of house keeping of stores department.


       To lay down a procedure for house-keeping of stores.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for house-keeping of RM, PM & BSR area at Stores Department.


       Stores Officer/Assistant


       Head of Department



5.1.1  Floor Cleaning

          Frequency –Thrice daily  Housekeeping person shall collect all the waste materials lying on the floor using nylon broom & put them in the waste bin.  Housekeeping person shall sanitize the floor by mopping with scheduled disinfectant solution.  Close the mouth of polythene bags of waste bin and disposed in a scrap yard.  Housekeeping person shall clean the waste bin with clean dry lint free cloth and replace with fresh polythene bag.  Record the cleaning activity. 

5.1.2  Material Movement Trolley, Computer, Furniture & Fixtures

          Frequency – Once in a day  Housekeeping person shall clean the material movement trolley, glass panels, furniture & fixtures using muslin cloth damp with potable water followed by clean dry lint free cloth.  De-dust the computer with a separate clean dry lint free cloth.
5.1.3  Record the cleaning activity.


       Frequency – Once in a week   

5.2.1  Material Containers/Boxes/Wrappers in RM/PM Stores  Housekeeping person shall clean the outer surface of material containers, boxes & wrappers by using clean dry lint free cloth.  Housekeeping person shall Clean the outer surface of solvent drums using cloth damped with potable water followed by clean dry lint free cloth.


       Frequency - Once in a fortnight

5.3.1  Racks, Doors, Windows and Pallets  Housekeeping person shall clean the racks, doors, pallets and windows by wiping with a damp cloth with purified water followed by dry lint free cloth.
5.3.2  Record the cleaning activity.


       Frequency - Once in a month

5.4.1  Walls & Ceiling  Store person shall cover all the containers lying on the pallets/racks by polythene sheet before cleaning.  Housekeeping person shall clean the walls and ceiling of store by using nylon broom.

5.4.2  Tube lights & Air handling units  Switch off the power supply and clean the tube lights & air handling units using clean and dry lint free cloth.

5.4.3  Floor under the Pallets  Remove the Pallets and clean the floor using nylon broom.  Housekeeping person shall sanitize the floor by moping with scheduled disinfectant solution.
5.4.4  Record the cleaning activity.


6.1  SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2  RM – Raw material
6.3  PM – Packing material

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