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SOP for Cleaning of Quality Control Laboratory

Standard operating procedure to clean the quality control laboratory on daily and weekly basis.


1.1 To describe the procedure for Cleaning of Quality Control Laboratory.


2.1 This SOP is applicable for Cleaning of Quality Control Laboratory.


3.1 Officer/ Executive - Quality Control


4.1 Manager - Quality Control


5.1 Daily Cleaning:

5.1.1 Remove the scrap/ waste, such as paper pieces, cotton wastes etc. from the area. Collect them in waste bins. Put the waste at a designated area or “SCRAP OUT” area and send it scrap yard.
5.1.2 Clean the floor with wipers, mops using liquid soap. Disinfect with a prescribed disinfectant solution.
5.1.3 Clean doors, windows and glass pans with glass cleaning agent such as Colin.
5.1.4 Duster cloth or sponge may be used for the purpose.
5.1.5 In case of spillage stop the activity. Clean the spillage & resume the activity
5.1.6 Clean the drains thoroughly by flushing water and decontaminate with the disinfectant solution on a rotation basis.
5.1.7 Frequency: daily morning and when required during the activity including the need for maintenance job

5.2 Weekly Cleaning

5.2.1 Additionally, clean the waste bins with detergents & scrubber. Flush with water and dry them.
5.2.2 Clean the walls, ceiling, with a vacuum cleaner or with a moist duster.

5.3 Footwear Cleaning

5.3.1 Collect the footwear from change room area from the rack.
5.3.2 Immerse them in hot water. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with water to remove the dirt.
5.3.3 Immerse the footwear in the disinfectant solution (use disinfectant on alternate basis), used on the day, for about 10-15 minutes.
5.3.4 Air dry the footwear
5.3.5 Keep the cleaned, disinfected & dried footwear in the respective shoe racks in the area.
5.3.6 Frequency: Once a Week

5.4 Other Cleaning Activities

5.4.1 These are the activities carried out after major maintenance job, civil work in the area, due to spillage etc
5.4.2 The cleaning shall be carried out according to kind of activities undertaken in the area.
5.4.3 Subsequent to above mentioned cleaning; Daily Cleaning Procedure shall be followed.
5.4.4 Frequency: As and when required
5.5 Records: A record of cleaning activity i.e. Daily, Weekly, Footwear & Other Cleaning is maintained by user departments.
5.6 Cleaning and disinfectant Agents: Use freshly diluted detergents solutions. and do not store diluted detergent solutions. Diluents; Purified Water
Liquid soap: Approximate concentration
5.7 Filter the disinfectant with 0.45 micron filter.

5.8 Cleaning Agents

Days             Name           Concentration
Monday         Phenyl                 5.0 %
Tuesday         Phenyl                 5.0 %
Wednesday    Rankleen              2.5 %
Thursday       Rankleen              2.5 %
Friday           Labolene              5.0 %
Saturday        Labolene              5.0 %

5.9 Disinfectant Solutions For Sanitation Purposes

5.9.1 These solutions are used for the hand disinfection purpose are 70% IPA v/v , “Sterillium” or “Levermade”.
5.9.2 Diluents: Freshly Collected Purified Water.
5.9.3 Prepare the solution as per the concentration described in step 5.7 earlier.
5.9.4 Use only freshly prepared disinfectant solution and maintain the preparation record..


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 QA - Quality Assurance
6.3 No. - Number
6.4 CCF - Change control format
6.5 NA - Not applicable
6.6 QC - Quality Control
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