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SOP for Calibration of Hot Air Oven

Standard operating procedure of evaluation of hot air oven used in Quality Control.


       To describe the procedure for the calibration of hot air oven

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for the calibration of hot air oven.


       Officer /Executive - Quality Control


       Manager - Quality Control.


5.1  For the calibration of hot air oven use a standard thermometer ranging up to 300º C.
5.2  Start the calibration procedure after 1 hour of staring the oven.
5.3  Set the oven at desired temperature.
5.4  Put the standard thermometer for 30 minutes in upper shelf of oven and close the door of oven.
5.5  After 30 minutes open the door of oven and read the temperature of standard thermometer randomly and match the observed temperature of thermometer.
5.6  Repeat the above procedure by putting the thermometer in lower shelf for 30 minutes.
5.7  Record the observed temperature in calibration record of hot air oven as per annexure no. I 
5.8  The observed temperature of thermometer in both shelves should be ± 2.0º C tolerance limit to the set temperature value.
5.9  Frequency: Once in a month.

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6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

                                                                   ANNEXURE- I
                                         CALIBRATION RECORD OF HOT AIR OVEN 
Inst. ID  No.

Ref.  SOP No.


Model No.
Date of Calibration     :                                                                                   
Next Due Date           :                                                                                   
Location                     :
Frequency: Monthly  :
Set Temperature
Observed Temperature 
Observed By
Upper shelf

±2.0º C

Lower shelf

±2.0º C

Remark: The calibration procedure of instrument are within tolerance limit /out of tolerance limit and gives satisfactory / not satisfactory results.
Analyst                                                                                                     Checked by
Date                                                                                                          Date

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