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SOP for Calibration BOD / Bacteriological Incubator

Standard operating procedure to evaluation of performance of incubators used to incubate the microbial cultures.


       To describe the procedure for the calibration procedure of BOD/bacteriological incubator.

2.0  SCOPE

       This SOP is applicable for the calibration procedure of BOD/bacteriological incubator.


       Microbiologist - Quality Control


       Manager - Quality Control


5.1 Ensure that material under test not to be disturbed during calibration procedure.
5.2  Calibration of incubator is carried out by Five Pt 100 probes situated on four corners and one in centre of chamber inside incubator.
5.3  For calibration of incubator scan the all four Pt 100 probes (channels) by pressing the SCANER key on universal controller of incubator for 24 hrs.
5.4  After scanning take the print out of temperature mapping of 24 hrs duration by pressing the PRINT key on universal controller of incubator.
5.5  Record the minimum and maximum temperature attained during 24 hrs temperature mapping and record them in calibration record of bacteriological incubator as per annexure I.
5.6  Observe that all temperature values are within ±2.0º C tolerance limit to the set temperature value.
5.7  Frequency: Yearly once


6.1  SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

                                                               ANNEXURE- I
                                Calibration record of BOD/Bacteriological Incubator
Asset ID  No.

Ref.  SOP No.


Model No.

Date of Calibration :
Next Due Date        :
Frequency               : Yearly
Probe No.
Set Temperature
Observed Temperature 
Observed By
Min. Temp.

±2.0º C

±2.0º C

±2.0º C

±2.0º C

±2.0º C

Remark: The calibration procedure of instrument are within tolerance limit /out of tolerance limit and gives satisfactory / not satisfactory results.

Calibrated By:                                                                                       Reviewed By:
Date:                                                                                                     Date:

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