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SOP for Calibration of Microscope

Standard operating procedure of evaluation of performance of microscope.


To lay down the operation and calibration procedure of microscope and to ensure that the instrument works properly.


This SOP is applicable for the operation and calibration procedure of microscope and to ensure that the instrument works properly.


Microbiologist - Quality Control


Manager - Quality Control


5.1 Procedure for General Cleaning

Clean the instrument with a clean dry cloth every day. Occasionally wet cloth dipped in dilute soap solution may be used. Precaution has to be taken to clean the instrument immediately with a dry cloth to remove the moisture.

5.2 Operating Procedure

5.2.1 Turn the main switch "ON" and power switch of voltage control meter.
5.2.2 Adjust the voltage control dial for proper intensity.
5.2.3 Place the material/specimen of interest on a slide and spread it uniformly with the help of another slide and cover it by a coverslip.
5.2.4 Place the slide in the slide holder on the stage and bring it in the center.
5.2.5 Select a suitable objective by rotating the objective holder and adjust the specimen in the focus by means of coarse and fine adjustment knob looking through the eyepiece.
5.2.6 For bacterial specimen slide place a drop of immersion oil on the smear, adjust 100 x objective by touching it to the oil and observe through the eyepiece by fine adjustment.
5.2.7 After completion of work remove the slide from the slide holder, switch "OFF" the lamp and clean the microscope with a clean dry cloth.
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5.3 Calibration of Oculometer using Microscope

5.3.1 Place the stage micrometer (least count 0.01mm) on the slide holder (stage).
5.3.2 Replace the eyepiece of the microscope with the oculometer.
5.3.3 Fix the first mark of oculometer with the first mark of stage micrometer using the different magnifying lens (10x, 40x and 100x).
5.3.4 Calculate the least count of oculometer using the formula given below for each (x) of the objective.
                                                        No. of marks of stage micrometer x 0.01x1000
Least count of Oculometer (µm) =------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                        No. of marks of oculometer matched with the stage micrometer
5.3.5 Record the result as per Annexure-I.
5.3.6 Report any discrepancy observed during operating the instrument to Quality Control Manager and notify the defect to Engineering department/ Service Engineer to rectify the defect. Affix an "UNDER MAINTENANCE" label on the instrument.


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

Asset ID  No.

Ref.  SOP No.


Model No.

Objective Used
No. of marks of oculometer matched with stage micrometer
No. of marks of micrometer matched with oculometer
Least count of oculometer  (µm)

Frequency of Calibration: Yearly
This Calibration Is Carried Out Periodically / Post Maintenance.
Remarks: This instrument is working/not working satisfactorily as per SOP.

_______________________                       _______________________                        ________________________
Date of Calibration                          Calibrated By (Name/Sign)                  Checked By (Name/Sign)/On
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