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SOP for Cleaning of Microbiology Laboratory

Standard operating procedure to clean the microbiology laboratory by disinfectants.


To describe the procedure for Cleaning of Microbiology Lab.


This SOP is applicable for cleaning of Microbiology Lab.


Microbiologist - Quality Control


Manager - Quality Control


5.1 Material required

5.1.1 Disinfectant/ Cleaning Solution
5.1.2 Lint free cloth, sponge or wiper
5.1.3 S.S. Pot.
5.1.4 Sprayer
5.1.5 Waste bin plastic liner.
5.2 Cleaning of the floor can be done by using liquid detergent. Clean the floor with plenty of water, mop the area and allow drying.

5.3 Disinfectants

Days                 Name                    Concentration
Monday            Disinfectant 1         -------% 
Tuesday            Disinfectant 1         -------% 
Wednesday       Disinfectant 2         -------%
Thursday           Disinfectant 2         -------% 
Friday               Disinfectant 3         -------% 
Saturday           Disinfectant 3         -------% 
Sunday             Disinfectant 3         -------% 
*On the basis of disinfectant qualification study use the recommended disinfectant only. 

5.4 Daily and routine cleaning

5.4.1 Procedure in the gray zone (microbiological section). Ensure that the work is not in progress Start cleaning in the following sequence with lint free duster, damped with water or IPA Outer surfaces of equipment Cabinet & accessories Glass pans, windows & doors. Empty waste bin and replace the plastic liner.
5.4.2 Wet the floor with disinfectant and allow it to be in contact with the surface for 5 – 10 minutes and mop the floor towards the direction of nearest drain Pour the leftover / excess disinfectant solution in the drain.
5.4.3 Cleaning of drains Remove the SS cover of the drain Clean the surroundings surface below the stainless steel cover with scrubber cloth or mop. Ensure the removal of all dirt, clean the trap. Flush the drain with sufficient quantity of water and add about 10 ml of concentrated disinfectant solution. Clean the SS cover of the drain and relocate at its place. Frequency: Once a shift or as & when required.

5.5 Weekly Cleaning

5.5.1 In addition to daily cleaning activity, clean the ceiling, walls, and pendants with the vacuum cleaner or lint-free cloth dampened with IPA 70% v/v.
5.5.2 Frequency: Once a week

5.6 Cleaning procedure in the white zone (Microbiological sterility room)

5.6.1 After daily work activity, clean the area as follows. Cleaning is carried out after completion of work activity. Ensure, aseptic activities are not in progress Enter in the area as per SOP for entry and exit in microbiological testing area. Clean the equipment outer surfaces and pendants with a lint free wet cloth with IPA 70% v/v solution. Clean the Laminar Air Flow surfaces with a lint free wet cloth (except filters). Ensure that the filter surface is not in contact with cleanings equipment and cleaning agents, during the cleaning activity. Clean the glass pans of the windows and doors with a lint free duster Spray the disinfectant solution on the walls starting from sterility room backward to first change room. Allow the solution to remain in contact with the surface for 5 – 10 minutes Mop the wall of the sterile area by moving the mop with top to bottom strokes Put disinfectant solution on floor & mop so as to remove the dust and other foreign material. (Start from working area to first change room) Empty out the waste bin. Garment cubicle is cleaned once a day. Open the garment cubicle, remove all the garments kept hanging and put them for washing. Clean the inner surface then outer surface with lint free cloth damped with IPA 70% v/v. Frequency once a day or as per required
5.6.2 Fogging of sterility testing area and air locks. Use the disinfectant as per the schedule in concentration recommends. Pour 3 liter of disinfectant solution in a reservoir of fogging instrument 2.7 liters of disinfectant solution is recommended for 1000 cubic meter of the area) or as per validate method. Plug the pin in Mains. Operate toggle switch for ON / OFF operation Run the instrument in all the area till the disinfectant solution exhaust. Frequency: Once a day or as & when required.

5.7 Footwear Cleaning and Disinfections

5.7.1 Collect the footwear.
5.7.2 Immerse them in hot water. Scrub and rinse with water to remove the dirt.
5.7.3 Take out the footwear and drain the water.
5.7.4 Immerse the footwear in the disinfectant solution for about 10-15 minutes used on the day.
5.7.5 Air dry the footwear.
5.7.6 Keep the cleaned disinfected footwear in the respective shoe racks in the provided area.
5.7.7 Frequency in the case of white zone once in daily after analysis and in the gray zone once in three days.

5.8 Cleaning and Disinfection of Shoe Rack

5.8.1 Wipe clean the outer surface of shoe rack with the dry mop.
5.8.2 Clean the shoe rack from inside with dry mop.
5.8.3 Wipe the rack with a cloth damped with the disinfectant solution used for that day.
5.8.4 Frequency: Daily


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol
6.3 SS - Stainless Steel
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