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Operation and Cleaning of Roll Compector

Learn how to operate and clean the Cleaning of Roll Compector used in tablet manufacturing.


1. Check the cleanliness of the room.
2. Check the material lying in the room and ensure that it is of the same batch to proceed.
3. Remove the clean tag of the equipment and tear them off after confirming the details.
4. Put the equipment label on the machine.
5. Check the room temperature and relative humidity and record it in BMR / environment control monitoring card if it is not within the limit inform the maintenance department and do not proceed till it gets rectified.



1. Check and ensure the cleanliness of the machine.
2. Bring the material near to the equipment, to be compacted.
3. Switch ON the main power supply.
4. Check and ensure the switch position in forward direction for starting the compaction on the operation panel board.
5. Turn ON the main switch from the operation panel board.
6. Press the green push button to start the roller.
7. Press the green push button to start the auger.
8. Set the speed of the roller and auger in RPM as per product specification mentioned in BMR.
9. Record the equipment operation details in the equipment log card.
10. Charge the feed hopper with materials to be compacted using cleaned scoops.
11. Record the equipment operation details in the equipment log card.


1. Switch OFF the machine by pressing the key panel of the machine.
2. Inform the maintenance people to switch OFF main power supply from electrical panel board on the service floor.


1. Remove loosely stucked power from the machine by using vacuum cleaner, duster and a lint-free cloth.
2. Dismantle the machine in the following sequence and keep parts on the pallet.
a. Stainless steel covering plate
b. Charging hopper
c. Discharge Chute
3. Clean the exterior of the machine by vacuum cleaner and a lint-free cloth.
4. Wash the dismantled parts with running water followed by rinsing with purified water.
5. Wipe all part with 2% NaOH solution using a cotton duster and allow it to remain as such for 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Clean all above parts in running potable water using a cotton duster.
7. Rinse all above parts with sufficient quantity of purified water.
8. Collect the final rinse in a properly identified conical flask and send the same to Q.A. department.
9. Dry the dismantled parts using a dryer.
10. Assemble the cleaned dismantled parts.
11. After cleaning affix the cleaned equipment tag on the equipment.
12. Record the cleaning details in the equipment log card.

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