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Procedure for Garment Change and Entry and Exit Through First and Primary Change Room

Learn the procedure to change the garments during entry and exit through change rooms.

Color Coding of Uniform

Color coding of uniforms for first change room and primary change room is as follows:
For first change room:
White - Production / Quality Control/Quality Assurance / Office Staff.
Brown - Engineering
Steel grey - Warehouse
Moss green / disposable garments - Visitors
For primary change room of Manufacturing, Dispensing and Sampling - Sky blue lint free
- All employees and visitors in primary area except employees of engineering department.
Brown lint free
- Employees in primary area of engineering department.
The photographs of garment change are displayed in change rooms.

First change room (male & female)

1. Employees are provided cleaned, washed factory uniform every Monday and Thursday or earlier if required.
2. Employees are provided cleaned, washed factory socks every day.
3. Remove street shoes, socks, clothes and place them in assigned lockers along with belongings like ornaments/ jewelry (watch, chain, rings).
4. Wear uniform, black colored shoes and socks.
5. Moss green or disposable garments are provided to visitors.
6. Disposable garments may be provided to employees whenever required
7. Provide shoes with socks or shoe covers to visitors.

Primary change room (male & female), Sampling and dispensing room in the warehouse

1. Employees are provided cleaned and washed primary change uniform every Monday, Thursday or earlier if required.
2. Uniform shall be changed during each product change over.
3. Employees working in manufacturing and primary packaging will enter into primary change room.
4. Employees shall remove first change shoes and keep into the rack.
5. Apply disinfectant solution to the hands.
6. Crossover the bench.
7. Take lint free trousers, shirt and cap from the hanger / locker.
8. Wear lint free trousers, shirt and cap over the previous uniform.
9. Wear clean brown colored shoes placed on the rack / locker.
10. Provide brown shoes or additional shoe covers for visitors.
11. Apply disinfectant solution to the hands.
12. After primary change, the person will go to respective department such as Dispensing, Granulation, Compression, Coating, Capsule manufacturing, Production office and Primary Packaging.
13. Wear nose masks before entry into manufacturing and primary packaging area.

Exit from primary change, sampling and dispensing room in the warehouse

1. Remove primary shoes and place on the rack / locker.
2. Remove lint free uniform including cap and place it over hanger / locker.
3. Cross over the bench.
4. Wear first change shoes.

Exit from first change out of the plant

1. Keep shoes and uniforms in the lockers provided.
2. Drop used factory socks in the bin kept in the first change room after working hours.
3. Dispose off disposable garments / shoe covers in the waste bin.
4. Wear street clothes and shoes; collect all your belongings.


Remove the first change shoes and wear separate footwear provided for entering into the toilet. Remove the toilet footwear and again wear the first change shoes after coming out of the toilet.

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