List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Administration : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

List of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Administration

View the list of Standard operating procedures for Pharmaceutical Administration.
1. Pest & Rodent Control in the Plant
2. Recruitment of Temporary Workers
3. Change Hand-Over and Take over of Security Dept.
4. Medical Examination
5. Entry and Exit Procedure

6. House Keeping Procedure
7. Training
8. Induction of New Employees
9. Issue of Lockers to Employees
10. Procedure for changing Employee who is suffering from Contagious /Infectious Disease
11. Handling of Company Uniform
12. Company Policy for Visitors
13. Cleaning of Insect Killer
14. Sink & Floor Drain Sanitization
15. Gowning Procedure For Entry in Manufacturing Area
16. In-House Laundry Procedure
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