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SOP for Carton Sealing Machine

Standard operating procedure of Carton Sealing Machine used for packing of tablets and capsules.


To lay down the procedure for operation and cleaning of Carton Sealing Machine.


This sop is applicable for operation and cleaning of Carton Sealing Machine.


3.1 Execution: Operator
3.2 Checking: Production Pharmacist & Above


HOD-Production / Assigned Designee


5.1 Ensure that the Carton sealing machine is cleaned.
5.2 Certify line clearance of packaging line from QA.
5.3 Put the Main power switch “ON”.
5.4 Place the tape roll on the mandrel making sure that the adhesive side faces away from the taping head.
5.5 Pass the tape through one way roller and then to PVC roller.
5.6 Keep pulling the tape head to pass under the brass roller, then in between support spring and applying the roller use same method to load the tape on another side.
5.7 Adjust the top drive set according to the shipper height by rotating the crank arm, Clockwise to decrease the height and anticlockwise to increase the height.
5.8 Adjust the guides rail according to the shipper width by loosening the hand knob and manually open or close the guide.
5.9 Loosen the squeeze roller fixing bracket knobs. Manually slide the two squeeze roller brackets to match the shipper width.
5.10 Adjust the outserter carrying wheel as per container size.
5.11 Put the packed shipper on the machine and start the shipper packaging operation.
5.12 After completion of packaging weigh the filled shipper take the printout of gross weight and keep this record with packaging.
5.13 After completion of packaging activity. Switch OFF the main supply.
5.14 Wipe the external and internal surface of the machine with dry lint-free cloth.


6.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 Q.A.: Quality Assurance
6.3 HOD: Head of The Department

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