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SOP for Stereo Ordering, Issue, Receipt & Destruction of Rubber Stereos

Standard operating procedure to order issue, receipt & destruct the Rubber Stereos used for overprinting on Foil, Cartons and Catch covers.


       To lay down the Procedure for Stereo Ordering, Issue, Receipt & Destruction of Rubber Stereos.

2.0  SCOPE:

       This SOP shall be applicable for ordering, Issue, Recipt & destruction of the rubber stereos used for Overprinting on Foil, Cartons and Catch covers in Packing area in Production department.


3.1  Execution              : Production Pharmacist
3.2  Checking               : Production Officer & Above


       HOD-Production / Assigned Designee



5.1.1  Stereos are ordered by H.O.D. Production or Production Executive as per the requirement of monthly schedule or whenever required or after dispensing of Batch.
5.1.2  Purchase order is raised with giving the details of Batch No., Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, M. L. No. and MRP. Also Size, Type, & Quantity of the stereos.
5.1.3  Purchase order is finally checked & signed by H.O.D. Production.
5.1.4  The M.R.P is confirmed by checking the authorized document issued by Q.A. department;
5.1.5  Rubber stereos order should be ordered to approve supplier only.

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5.2.1  After the stereos receipt, they are checked against the delivery challans.
5.2.2  The received stereos are then compared with purchase order and the receipt is recorded in “Stereo Issue & Stamping Register”.
5.2.3  Details are checked by impression on Register & No. of stereos are noted, and keep all the stereos in lock and key with proper segregation to avoid any mix-up if wrong stereo received it should be destroyed immediately.


5.3.1  The required Stereos are issued to operator by Pharmacist & Quantity is noted in Register. Balance stereos to be kept in lock & key.
5.3.2  If there is damage of stereo while online using on machine, stereos are reissued & Quantity is noted in register.
5.3.3  Maintain a register with Details of Issued stereos & Balance stereos.


5.4.1  After completion of batches issued stereo are returned to the pharmacist by the operator.
5.4.2  Pharmacist shall ensure that all the issued stereos are returned back by the operator from Packing Machine & Printing Machine.
5.4.3  Reconciliation of Stereos is done by pharmacist after complete completion of batch.
5.4.4  Cut the Stereos by using scissors to convert it into unusable form in presence of QA person and Record it into register.
5.4.5  In case of those stereos which are not being used due to change or cancellation of plan or any other reason are to be destroyed immediately after getting the approval from HOD. in the presence of Q.A. person.
5.4.6  Finally all unusable stereos should be destroyed in presence of Q.A. person.


6.1  SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
6.2  BPR: Batch Packing Record
6.3  Q.A.: Quality Assurance
6.4  HOD: Head Of The Department

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