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Determination of Solubility in Pharmaceuticals

Learn how to determine the Solubility of Pharmaceutical ingredients.
NOTE: A test for solubility becomes a test for purity only where a special quantitative test is given in the individual monograph and is an official requirement.

The approximate solubility of the articles of the Pharmacopoeia are given here primarily as information; they are not meant to be applied as tests for identifying materials. However, they may indirectly help in the preliminary evaluation of the integrity of an article. They have been indicated by descriptive terms in the accompanying table and have the following significance with reference to a temperature of 15°C to 30°C.

Descriptive Item (gm)
Parts of Solvent required for Part of Solute (ml)
Very soluble
Less than 1
Freely soluble
From 1 to 10
From 10 to 30
Sparingly soluble
From 30 to 100
Slightly soluble
From 100 to 1000
Very slightly soluble
From 1000 to 10,000
Practically insoluble or Insoluble
10,000 or more

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