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SOP for Manual Glassware Cleaning

Standard operating procedure to clean the glassware manually in Quality Control.


To clean the glassware in order to avoid any interference during analysis.


This procedure is applicable to clean the glass wares used for analysis.


3.1 Doing : Laboratory Assistant/Workman
3.2 Checking : Technical Assistant /Executive


Head of the Department


5.1 Wearing goggles and hand gloves, drain out the left-over solutions of the glass wares into the sink in washing area.
5.2 Clean the glassware such as flasks, beakers, pipettes, burettes, bottles, gooch crucible and silica crucible etc in the following manner.
5.3 First wash the used glassware properly with Raw Water.
5.4 Then scrub the glassware with 0.1% detergent solution.(1 ml Teepol in 1000 ml purified water)
5.5 Rinse the glassware properly with Raw Water.
5.6 Again rinse 3 to 4 times with Purified Water.
5.7 Drain the water from glassware.
5.8 Keep in drier, use dried glassware for analysis.
5.9 Clean with hot nitric acid (Where ever necessary)
5.9.1 Transfer laboratory grade nitric acid in beaker and heat it on burner under fuming hood.
5.9.2 Rinse the glassware with above Hot Nitric acid .
5.9.3 Allow it to stand overnight.
5.9.4 Rinse properly with Raw Water.
5.9.5 Finally rinse with Purified Water.
5.9.6 Drain the water.
5.9.7 Keep in drier.

5.10 Gooch crucible/Sintered glass funnel:

5.10.1 Fill the Gooch crucible or Sintered glass funnel with hot nitric acid.
5.10.2 Allow it to stand overnight.
5.10.3 Rinse with Raw water.
5.10.4 Apply vacuum and wash the crucible with Raw water.
5.10.5 Then wash 3 to 4 times with Purified water.
5.10.6 Keep in drier.

5.11 Silica crucible:

5.11.1 Fill the silica crucible with nitric acid and heat it over the burner under fuming hood.
5.11.2 Wash with Raw Water.
5.11.3 Wash with Purified Water.
5.11.4 Ignite the crucible at 700° C temperature in a muffle furnace.
5.11.5 Cool and keep in respective place .


6.1 °C= Degree centigrade
6.2 ml= millilitre

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