cGMP Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Industries Part-1 : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

cGMP Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Industries Part-1

Learn the Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals.
Following are the main parts of cGMP that should be followed:

l1.  Personal Hygiene
l2.  Housekeeping
l3.  Material Handling
l4.  Prevention of Contamination
l5.  Safety
l6.  Documentation

1.  Personal Hygiene:

  • No person showing, at any time, apparent illness or open lesions which may adversely affect the quality of products, shall be allowed to handle starting materials, packaging materials, in-process materials, and drug products until his condition is no longer judged to be a risk.All employees shall be instructed to report about their illness or abnormal health condition to their immediate supervisor so that appropriate action can be taken.
  • Inform your supervisor about wounds or infectious disease.
  • All personnel shall wear clean body coverings appropriate to their duties.
  • Wear clean dresses and discard it at proper place after use.
  • Keep your lockers clean. Do not store eatables, it attracts insects.Wear the cap in a manner to cover hairs completely.
  • Keep the toilets clean.
  • Wash hands after visiting toilet and before entry to production area.
  • Person himself is responsible for look out of the work place.
  • Do not use torned or damaged dresses, shoes or caps.
  • Do not sit or sleep on floor.
  • Do not go out in company uniform.
  • Do not wear jewellery. Cut your nails regularly.
  • Do not use any other room other than canteen for taking food.
  • Do not spit. 
  • Smoking, eating, drinking, chewing or keeping plants, food, drink and personal medicines shall not be permitted in production, laboratory, storage and other areas where they might adversely influence the product quality.
  • Smoking is prohibited. Consumption of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
  • Store lunch box at proper place.

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