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SOP for Cleaning Procedure of Balances

Standard operating procedure to clean the balances.


To clearly lay down procedure for cleaning.


This procedure is applicable to all balances, installed in quality control laboratory.


3.1 Doing : Technical Assistant/Executive
3.2 Checking : Executive/Manager


Head of the Department


Frequency : Once in a week / Wherever necessary.
5.1 Switch “OFF” the Instrument.
5.2 Switch “OFF” the Mains.
5.3 Open the shutter of the instrument and remove the pan which is inside the balance.
5.4 Remove the dust and powder with the help of tissue paper. Sock the tissue paper in isopropyl alcohol and squeeze out the isopropyl alcohol and clean the balance to remove oily substance or any spot inside the balance.
5.5 Finally clean it with Tissue paper. Care to be taken for proper drying during use of isopropyl alcohol.
5.6 Clean the outside with tissue paper wetted with isopropyl alcohol then clean with dry tissue paper.
5.7 Also clean the Shutter of balances by isopropyl alcohol then with dry tissue paper.
5.8 After cleaning close the shutter.
5.9 After cleaning of the balance record it.

  • Check the level of Balance after cleaning.
  • Perform daily calibration after cleaning.


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure

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