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SOP for Transfer of Lubricated Granules from Bunker to Compression Machine

Standard operating procedure to transfer the lubricated granules from Bunker to Compression machine.

1.0. Purpose:

To lay down the procedure for transfer of lubricated granules from Bunker to Compression machine.

2.0. Scope:

This procedure is applicable for the transfer of lubricated granules from bunker to compression machine in the overhead compression room. (OHCR).

3.0. Responsibility:

3.1. Operator:

3.1.1. Cleaning and operation as per lay down procedure

3.2. Production:

3.2.1. To check that cleaning and operation is as per lay down procedure.
3.2.2. Maintenance of equipment sequential log.

4.0 Accountability:

4.1 Quality Assurance:
4.1.1. To ensure cleaning of equipment as per defined procedure.
4.1.2. To ensure maintenance of records.

5.0. Procedure:

5.1. Check the label and gross weight of the bunker in the overheads compression room (OHCR)
5.2. Insert the granules transfer pipe into the sleeve pipe.
5.3. Go to the respective compression room and clamp the Y-pipe to the granules transfer pipe.
5.4. Close the valves at the end of the Y-pipe on top of the hoppers of compression machine.
5.5. Clamp the bunker in the OHCR room and open the tri-clover valve.
5.6. Open both valves on top of the hopper to allow the granules to flow so that hoppers are filled up.
5.7. On completion of the compression, check the bunkers for emptiness and part “To be Cleaned” label on the bunker after removing the status label.
5.8. Send the bunker for cleaning once it is empty.
5.9. Keep the door of OHCR locked. Always double check the OHCR and Compression machine for product identification.

6.0 Abbreviations:

6.1 SOP- Standard Operating Procedure
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