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SOP for Operating Procedure of Fogster –ULV Fogger Machine

Standard operating procedure Ultra Low Volume fogger machine to disinfectant the sterile area in aerosol state.


To lay down the operating procedure of fogger machine.


This procedure is applicable to disinfectant the area in the aerosol state using fogger machine.


3.1 Doing: Technical Assistant/ Executive
3.2 Checking: Technical Assistant/Executive/Manager


Head of the Department


5.1 Switch OFF the AHU of the sterility room & Inoculation room. Wear the mask, gloves & goggles before starting the work.
5.2 Loosen tank clamp by pulling finger tabs upwards.
5.3 Lift the power head of the tank & set it down on a clean surface.
5.4 Add fogging liquid to tank (max up to 4 litres). Follow the instruction given in the table for the amount of disinfectant for specified area.
5.5 Replace & reclamp the power head of the tank.
5.6 Set the required flow control with the help of flow control value.
ml of Disinfectant (super-25)
Purified/distilled water
Microbiology (Inoculation room)
80 ml
1600 ml
Sterile area
60 ml
1200 ml
Cooling zone
600 ml
Airlock  III
15 ml
300 ml
Airlock  II
5 ml
200 ml
Airlock  I
5 ml
200 ml

Calculation :- 

For amount of disinfectant =L x W x h
= For 1000 in cubic feet = 1 litre solution.
Turn the value knob in counter clockwise direction for higher flow (heavy fog) & clockwise direction for droplets.
5.7 Lock the value with rotating red nut for constant flow of liquid solution out of the fogger.
5.8 Plug the fogger machine in mains.
5.9 Switch on the mains.
5.10 Place it at appropriate place in the room with nozzle direction pointed in desired position.
5.11 Switch on the machine. So the machine generate the fog.
5.12 After the completion of fogging treatment remove tank & add sterile distilled water into tank & operate for 2-3minutes to ensure cleaning of internal parts. Switch ‘OFF’ the machine & switch ‘OFF’ the mains.
5.13 Clean the tank.

Precautions :-

1. Refer to material safety datasheets of chemical to be logged
2. Ware mask, gloves & goggles.
3. Donot use flammable liquid for fogging & never fog near or towards an open flame.
4. Donot use corrosive liquid, paint lacquer & wettable powder solution.
5. Donot allow fog, dirt or dust to enter the machine from the rear end.
6. Always keep the tank clean.


ULV = Ultra Low Volume

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