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SOP for Entering in Inoculation Room

Standard operating procedure for entry in incubator room having UV light through airlock and use of sterile 70% Isopropyl alcohol.


To describe the procedure for entry in Inoculation room.


This procedure is applicable whenever any person enters in Inoculation room.


3.1 Doing: Lab Asst./Technical Assistant(Microbiologist)/Executive
3.2 Checking : Executive/ Manager


Head of the Department


5.1 Remove the wristwatch and jewelry before entering in Inoculation room.
5.2 Wash the hand with soap & rinse with 70% I.P.A. solution & let it be air dried.
5.3 Remove the slipper outside & enter in Airlock I of Inoculation room.
5.2 Take sterile gown from drum lying in Airlock I.
5.5 Take care that the door of other side is not in open condition
5.6 Take precaution that while gowning the sterile garments, no part is forward to the floor. S.S.Stool is required in Airlock.
5.7 Wear the gown & close the zipper. Tug the head cover properly covering hair inside.
5.8 Take a pair of sterile disposable gloves from drawer & wear it in such a way that the fingers should not touch the outer surface of gloves.
5.9 Discard the gloves which are ruptured or having pinholes.
5.10 Tug on the sleeve ends properly inside the gloves.
5.11 Wear slipper provided in AirlockI.
5.12 Spray both the hands with 70 % I.P.A & let it be air dried.

5.13 Enter in Inoculation room by opening the door with the help of elbow, taking care not to touch your fingers anywhere and ensure that the door of the airlock –1 is not open.
Note: Disinfect the gloves frequently with sterile 70% Isopropyl alcohol provided in the Inoculation room.
5.14 Switch ‘OFF’ the U.V. light and switch ‘ON’ tube light.
5.15 After completion of the work, follow the same sequence in reverse order while coming out of the Inoculation room.
5.16 Collect all used garments and gloves in the closed bucket provided in Airlock-I.


6.1 S.S= Stainless steel
6.2 I.P.A= Isopropyl Alcohol
6.3 %=Percentage
6.4 U.V.=Ultraviolet
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