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Introduction to Platform Technology

A platform basically means a group of technologies that can be used as a base and upon which other technologies or processes can be built.
The era of platform technology started long back in 1880s. The first pharmaceutical platform technology was introduced in the form of the specialization of biotechnology. So, a platform basically means a group of technologies that can be used as a base and upon which other technologies or processes or other applications can be built up.

In simple terms, we can say that platform is a base of the building on which we build other infrastructure, layers, processes in order to have the advancements, latest techniques, the sophistication of the processes.

In simple terms, can be taken an example of a mobile which we use daily is the base whereby different applications are built up but mobile remains the same. Mobile is basically providing the platform for different applications to worked upon.

Platform technology basically provides a common method, common procedure, common procedure which may be worked upon to have further enhancements in research, development, and manufacturing. In this case, we are producing a standard protocol whereby we can build further strategies that can lead to further development of the product.

Pharmaceutical platform technologies have a significant contribution towards improvising the efficiency and quality of the product. The conceptual development behind platform technology is the perfect blending of a risk-based approach to grasp prior knowledge for a given new molecule. Platform technology is trending as a popular industry for bioprocessing.

Importance of Platform Technology
Platform technology creates a base or foundation on the basis of which new applications can be created so that if any changes occur can be embraced easily by the employees or organization easily.

Types of platform technologies are Computing platforms, Database platforms, Storage platforms, Application platforms, mobile platforms and web platforms. Talking into the pharmaceutical sector, we use all of these platforms. We use several of these applications and technologies. Talking in terms of the pilot batches we undergo a lot of validation programs, optimization protocols before the development of the commercialization batches.

In terms of drug discovery and drug development platforms, technologies are very much required. They are very significant and important tools for further enhancement and advancement.

When we discuss drug discovery and development this is divided into five main phases:
  • Target selection – If we have a standard protocol and this standard protocol will be followed for all new drug discovery, the process becomes easy and fast as well. Here protein expression and engineering are involved.
  • Lead discovery – Automated high throughout screening system is involved.
  • Medicinal chemistry – Structure-biology and computational-based drug design and modeling are involved.
  • Optimization and in vivo studies – Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics are involved.
  • Optimized drug candidate – Can be described as the early phase of development. The project management team of drug development is involved.
When we see the early product development phase or a new molecule development phase, we need to thoroughly analyze new drug substance, we need to optimize with different excipients, we need to carry out various pre-formulation studies, so as to carry out all these studies we have to develop a standard protocol or standard platform so that same platform can be used for several other products.
It will help us a lot in the proper selection of dosage form, formulations, toxicity can be eased out, selection of suitable excipients can be easy. It will also set up the specifications for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and drug products in the selected dosage form.

Platform technology can be used in the areas like in vivo/Ex vivo pharmacology as follow:
  • To establish relevant in vivo/ex vivo pharmacology models to evaluate biological activities of compounds with promising in vitro (cancer, diabetes, infectious disease).
  • To evaluate the responsibility of lead compounds concerning toxicokinetics and safety pharmacology.
  • To identify drug leads and development candidates.

Drug Discovery Platform

There are different types of platforms available these days which are highly utilized in high content screening, in the hybrid multi-modeled drugs, microplate readers. Apart from these technologies, we also require data management and quality control used by the databases.

Platform technology is used in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology in the identification of novel disease/ targets, in vitro/in vivo screening, protein expression and engineering. Developing platform technology can be used for drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics study. Platform technology can support us to identify new drug leads.

The benefits of platform technology are as follow:
  • Reduction of process development efforts, time and costs.
  • Reduction in failure rates.
  • Risk assessments can be performed.
  • Ease of documents.
  • Consistency in product performance.
  • Simplification of technology transfer activities (from R and D to manufacturing plant).
  • Reduction in personal training burden.
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